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November 30, 2006

Meeting Minutes 11/30/2006

We're discussing David's latest draft for the call for submissions.

In attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Scott Watson.

The call is in good shape. We need to send it out soon. What else do we need for the call?

  • Final wording
  • Images
  • Layout

We need to put up posters for the call for submissions and call for participating.

David will revise call and send out tomorrow. I will work on the fineprint and get that to David. We'll also take a crack at laying out the call and posters.

November 9, 2006

Meeting Minutes 11-9-2006

Call for Submissions - Illicit Space

  • Include definitions of illicit and space?
  • Submission format possibility: one image and 100 words?
  • Encourage submissions from all disciplines:
    • Design: arch., l.arch., graphics, fashion, interior, experience
    • Other disciplines: music, theatre, history, social sciences, art, literature, philosophy, technology
  • Articles don't need to be about design or by designers, but need to have implications for design.
  • We'll work on this some more, get a draft together soon.

November 2, 2006

Meeting Minutes

Time Schedule Should Be:

  • Fall: Create and send out call for submissions.
  • Spring: Gather content and edit.
  • Summer: Layout and finalization.
  • Fall: Distribution and promotion. Helping next issue get started.

Call for submissions:

  • Before thanksgiving, if possible.
  • Again after semester break.
  • How can the call for submission expand the topic, not constrain it?
  • Illicit Space, call for submissions: need some evocative examples (homeless spaces, surveillance, squatter spaces, underground music/art venues, property rights - physical/intellectual, illegal activities.
  • Illicit space arises when public/private boundaries are disturbed. How does illicit space manifest itself in design?
  • Come up with a draft for next week... we'll compare notes.