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January 31, 2007

Meeting Minutes 1/31/2007

Attendance: Kate Gehron, Juan Jin, David McWilliams, Aaron Westre


  • Aaron will


  • Public Space / politics course currently being taught (David)
  • Walter Hood - Urban design (Kate)
  • Christine Miller - Public space (Kate)
  • Julie Bargmann - Superfund sites (Kate)
  • Jin An Kin - Korean architect, urban issues (Juan)
  • Copyright in design, open source (Aaron)
  • Ironies of the Freedom towers (David)
  • John Keopke - freedom from Ojibwe perspective
  • Paradox of choice in "custom homes"
  • Walkable cities (?)
  • Safety
  • Surveillance, panopticon (Kate)
  • Permaculture (Kate)
  • Korean DMZ, design implications (Juan)

January 24, 2007

Meeting Minutes 01/24/2007

Attendance: David, Aaron

Call for Ideas:

  • Aaron will work on posting the call to archinect
  • Send call (specific wording) to faculty in the CDes to encourage submissions from them and from their students
    • Especially take advantage of courses in line with our "freedom" theme
  • Send call (specific wording) to professionals and others whose work seems pertinent to the topic
  • Need a new deadline for these calls


  • Email Steve Weeks and Tom Fisher about new meeting time
  • Brainstorm authors for next week

January 18, 2007

Meeting Minutes 01/18/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Kate Gehron.

Getting everyone up to date on what the journal is and what we're doing. Kate is interested in the publishing and marketing side of things. Woo hoo!

Aaron will coordinate a new meeting time.