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February 28, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/28/2007

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre, Kate Gehron

Old Business:

  • A flier for the faculty offices
  • Ozayr wants to write an article about Biloxi.

New Business:

  • "Lifestyle Centers" - Little downtowns in the suburbs, sort of private, sort of public. What's the role of design in these places?
  • Aaron will talk to Alex Terzich, to see if he's interested in writing something.
  • Next week we should think of some things to ask the U of M Press when we meet with them during spring break.
  • Issue 3 may go to press this week.
  • Kate suggests we hold a sort of open house to tell students and other interested parties about the journal and to recruit participants. David suggests we time this to coincide with the publication of issue 3.

February 21, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/21/2007

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre


  • David has the two submissions for the Design Democracy fellowship. We're thinking of doing a pair of articles on this: one with the submitted student work, and one written by someone at Target explaining what their goals are with the fellowship, how they look at design, and what democracy has to do with it.
  • David emailed Rachel Ianacone (Public space class)
  • David and I can pitch our Cave and the Light class, to see if anybody's interested in submitting.
  • We should make a poster or email specifically for faculty to encourage them to consider whether any of the work in their courses would be suitable for issue 4.
  • Kate got an article from Kristine Miller on 9/11 and public space.
  • David will contact Bill Conway about the idea of Pro Bono work.


  • Kate got an appointment with the University Press over spring break.
  • We need to get a blurb into the next issue of "Emerging", the college newsletter.
  • We will meet on saturday at 1pm to build our "obelisk". Aaron will send an email reminder.

February 14, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/14/2006

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre, Kate Gehron, Juan Jin


  • Talking about making a rolling advertising obelisk. A two or four sided obelisk-type structure that would roll around the school. There would be a question of the week and a place to write responses.

February 7, 2007

Meeting Minutes 2/7/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, Tom Fisher, David McWilliams, Kate Gerhon


  • There have been three ideas submissions so far.
  • We need to alter the fliers that are up with an extended deadline. Also, print more and post around campus again. Aaron will handle this.
  • Tom says we should post some of the questions we've been asking with this topic around campus to see if that generates interest. Come up with some questions to post around the school.
  • Make a rolling board to advertise the journal.


  • Proofs for issue 3 have been produced.
  • The college is planning to implement a yearly theme. The first, which would happen next year, will probably be global climate change. Other topics, such as digital design and production, are in the discussion. The question for us is whether T/HERE should be a vehicle to publish the work that is generated under this theme each year. Our issue wouldn't be effected by this, but the next would be.
  • Tom says we should plug the journal in the Alumni newsletter.