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April 18, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/18/2007

Attending: Aaron Westre, Angie Boersma, David McWilliams, Juan Jin, Kate Gerhon

Impending Business:

  • Thesis presentations start today. The issue three folks expressed interest in selling the journal during presentations. We need to have a table and some people-hours.
  • Next week we will be meeting at McNeal Hall (St. Paul Campus)

April 11, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/11/2007

Attending: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Juan Jin

  • Aaron will try to contact Jan Abrams about the upcoming conference.
  • Next week: Look at submissions, identify articles, write request letters.

April 4, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/04/2007

In attendance: Aaron Westre, Juan Jin, Angie Boersma

Old Business:

  • Student Involvement The first year theory class seems essential for recruiting.
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Grant Proposals
  • Strategic Plan

New Business:

  • Design and its publics conference, april 27+28 A bunch of big-name design writers and thinkers coming to the U. Can we leverage this for the journal?
  • Next week soliciting of articles from idea submitters.

Meeting Minutes 03/28/2007

Attending – David, Angie, Kate

Here is a summary of the meeting this morning.

Potential student involvement. How can we identify students who would be good candidates for helping with the journal? A personal invitation of a few people might get them to be involved. Tom Fisher’s theory class and Robert Ferguson’s Enlightenment were identified as two classes where instructors might know about students. Others?

Faculty advisor. One of the major needs we have is a faculty advisor who can put in time and be a consistent contact/organization person. Robert Ferguson, Ozayr Salojee, and Lance Necar (potentially too busy) were identified as good candidates. Others?

Writing of grant proposals was discussed. Kate has done this before and will teach Angie how to do it.

The staff of T/here will create a 5 year strategic plan. This will included the journals mission, vision, financial plan for self-sufficiency and place within CDes’ academic programs. David – will write draft of vision and mission statement. Kate – will write procedures regarding operation of the journal. Angie – will write business plan. (Aaron, do you want to take a stab at formulating how the journal might fit in as a class? Or how ever we think best to incorporate it into the curriculum.)

That’s about it. I did have a thought on surveillance. If you write an article on it another potential dimension to explore is the whole issue of aerial photography and surveillance.