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June 26, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/26/2007

Attending: Aaron, Katie, David, Angie, Kate

  • Kate brought in a couple of examples of academic journals with advertising sections: The Moving Image and Cultural Critique
  • Content List:

    • Intellectual Property Rights: Architecture and Lessons from the Open Source World – Aaron W - Aaron is starting on this, talking to some folks thinking about it.
    • After 9/11 – Christine Miller - We have this, Kate will secure permissions.
    • Plan Free or Die: Arming the Average Citizen from the Skills of the Architect – Sonja Sudheimer - David has this one.
    • Public Services in America: Affordable Housing for All – Sarah Wolbert - Angie talked to her, we should hear back.
    • Designer Graffiti (from thesis) – Don Vu - David will email.
    • Memorial for a City (from thesis) - Tamer - David will email.
    • Public Spaces – Rachael Iannacone (Katie Hammond to inquire) - Rachel's going to send a few names of potential contributors.
    • Design Democracy: Targets vision of design - DD founder from Target (David M organizing) - David needs to write questions...
    • Summary of First Design Democracy Fellowship – 5 Finalists (David M has 4.5 of 5) - A montage of all of the essays: some words, some text for each.
    • Security and Access - Katie will check in.
    • Surveillance – Kate Gehron? - Changed to public art and space. Working.
    • Suburbia and Choice: Finding Expression in a Cookie Cutter World – David M - David is focusing on David Orr, or related topics. We should hang on to this. On Aaron's plate now.
    • Subverting Zoning: Oakland Development – Mike Pytok (Scott) - Aaron will check in. Merged with illicit space article.
    • Imprisonment of Nature: The Right for all Organisms to Exist - Andrea
    • Biloxi – Ozayr Salojee - Aaron will email.
    • Illicit Space – Scott - Aaron will check in.
    • Urban Exploration – Ross (Katie Hammond to interview/get pictures?) - Andrea
    • Gender Based Space - Katie - Where to go with this? Katie will talk to someone she knows about this.
    • Freedom and Boundaries: When Everything is Allowed -
    • Freedom of Expression: The Graphic Designer’s medium – DHA?
    • Housing as a Right. – Affordable housing symposium?
    • Freedom of the Designer: Vocation vs. Profession – Angie Boersma
    • The Elite and Design for Everyone
    • David Orr - David will try to contact
    • Affordable Housing - David will try to get info from recent conference or DHA.
    • What about the legality of design practice?

June 19, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/19/2007

Attending: Aaron, Katie, Angie, David


  • David has retrieved details on AIA-MN's advertising rates. $540 base rate for 1/3 of a page. What are the issues? Conflict of interest? Is it an academic journal if it contains advertising?

Author agreement:

  • We need one. David wrote up a draft. Copyright is a question. Creative Commons options?

Design Democracy:

  • Last year's winners are willing to do a Q & A.

Strategic plan:

  • Need a survey of architectural/design publications, regionally and nationally. Include academic journals, magazines, etc. Where do we fit? Who are we most similar to? What differentiates us from the rest?
  • Strengths and opportunitues / Weaknesses and roadblocks
  • What are the copyright issues?
  • What are other regulatory issues?
  • How do we fit in the U? What are the content restrictions? What are other restrictions?
  • Position descriptions.
  • Curriculum plan, how to fit with accreditation needs, credits, etc.
  • Marketing and sales strategies. Money from direct sales, advertising dollars, customer list...
  • Full schedule for each year: hard and soft deadlines.
  • Finances: break-even plan, profit plan.
  • A list of students, donors, and others involved in the past.
  • Professional consultant.

Meeting Minutes 6/12/07

In attendance: David, Scott, Kate, Katie

Advertising discussion continued from last week with Tom. Pros: journal could be free, wider circulation, larger budget, self sustaining. Cons: more magazine-like and commercial than academic, freedom of content cant be compromised. Format: ads placed together in back, firm directory similar to the Architecture Minnesota listings. Other income options: grants and sponsorship, although these require a clear strategic plan

Credit for staff members discussed. Currently a one credit class taken 3 times, ideal is a 3 credit class taken twice. The main obstacle is accreditation, so we should check how other schools deal with this and write up how it fits.

Discussion on how to increase submissions, focusing on the next issue. Once theme is determined (same as CDES theme?), we should create a poster call for firms explaining the mission statement. Also a standard letter could be mass mailed to potential writers. We also discussed the option of payment for submissions.

June 5, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/05/2007

Attending: Scott, Aaron, Angie, Kate, Tom Fisher

Old Business:

  • We have the authorization form essentially complete for sales.

Meeting with Dean Fisher:

  • Laura Weber (communications, editing) and Jean Schott (graphic design) work for the college, we should use their skills.
  • Faculty advising: Could tie into the yearly "theme" of the college. Get help from the theme committee: Kristine Miller, John Comazzi, [graphic design faculty]. Content will be more plentiful when the
  • Continue to reach out to DHA, especially fashion and graphic design seniors. Kate Maple is the one to contact for contact lists. Talk to student groups (ASID, AIGA, etc.)
  • Advertise in Architecture Minnesota (Chris Hudson)? Arch. Record? AIA-MN Convention?
  • Ask firms to buy space to subsidize issues (free to students)? (Tax deductable, inexpensive, lots of exposure) Contact firms with Minnesota alumni in high level positions for sponsorship.