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Meeting Minutes 06/05/2007

Attending: Scott, Aaron, Angie, Kate, Tom Fisher

Old Business:

  • We have the authorization form essentially complete for sales.

Meeting with Dean Fisher:

  • Laura Weber (communications, editing) and Jean Schott (graphic design) work for the college, we should use their skills.
  • Faculty advising: Could tie into the yearly "theme" of the college. Get help from the theme committee: Kristine Miller, John Comazzi, [graphic design faculty]. Content will be more plentiful when the
  • Continue to reach out to DHA, especially fashion and graphic design seniors. Kate Maple is the one to contact for contact lists. Talk to student groups (ASID, AIGA, etc.)
  • Advertise in Architecture Minnesota (Chris Hudson)? Arch. Record? AIA-MN Convention?
  • Ask firms to buy space to subsidize issues (free to students)? (Tax deductable, inexpensive, lots of exposure) Contact firms with Minnesota alumni in high level positions for sponsorship.