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Meeting Minutes 06/19/2007

Attending: Aaron, Katie, Angie, David


  • David has retrieved details on AIA-MN's advertising rates. $540 base rate for 1/3 of a page. What are the issues? Conflict of interest? Is it an academic journal if it contains advertising?

Author agreement:

  • We need one. David wrote up a draft. Copyright is a question. Creative Commons options?

Design Democracy:

  • Last year's winners are willing to do a Q & A.

Strategic plan:

  • Need a survey of architectural/design publications, regionally and nationally. Include academic journals, magazines, etc. Where do we fit? Who are we most similar to? What differentiates us from the rest?
  • Strengths and opportunitues / Weaknesses and roadblocks
  • What are the copyright issues?
  • What are other regulatory issues?
  • How do we fit in the U? What are the content restrictions? What are other restrictions?
  • Position descriptions.
  • Curriculum plan, how to fit with accreditation needs, credits, etc.
  • Marketing and sales strategies. Money from direct sales, advertising dollars, customer list...
  • Full schedule for each year: hard and soft deadlines.
  • Finances: break-even plan, profit plan.
  • A list of students, donors, and others involved in the past.
  • Professional consultant.