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Meeting Minutes 6/12/07

In attendance: David, Scott, Kate, Katie

Advertising discussion continued from last week with Tom. Pros: journal could be free, wider circulation, larger budget, self sustaining. Cons: more magazine-like and commercial than academic, freedom of content cant be compromised. Format: ads placed together in back, firm directory similar to the Architecture Minnesota listings. Other income options: grants and sponsorship, although these require a clear strategic plan

Credit for staff members discussed. Currently a one credit class taken 3 times, ideal is a 3 credit class taken twice. The main obstacle is accreditation, so we should check how other schools deal with this and write up how it fits.

Discussion on how to increase submissions, focusing on the next issue. Once theme is determined (same as CDES theme?), we should create a poster call for firms explaining the mission statement. Also a standard letter could be mass mailed to potential writers. We also discussed the option of payment for submissions.