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July 31, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/31/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott

  • Juan sent a finished article from his contact in Korea on the Korean borderland.
  • David mentioned a Design Institute project (circa 2001?) on voting and voting technology. He will contact the institute to see if there's anything we can get.
  • Scott will try contacting a former CALA faculty member who shall remain nameless.
  • Still working on finding architects who are also politicians...
  • Thomas Jefferson?
  • Julia Robinson's connection at Deflt, or Rhea ? who visited last year on squating/urban planning in the Netherlands?

July 24, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/24/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Sarah Steil

  • Sarah (By Design) talked with us about time line, initial divisions, graphic content, advertising, etc. She would like to meet once again before school starts to get a better idea of schedule.
  • Sarah will look at the advertisements that David made and offer some critique and alternatives.

July 17, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/17/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Angie

  • Aaron heard back from one of the late submissions (on the Prison Nation exhibit) and it's a go.
  • Aaron will check in with the Dean's office to make sure sales are working.
  • We went through the content list and gave updates.

July 10, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/10/2007

Attending: Aaron, Scott, David

  • There were two new submissions in the there emailbox. Aaron passed around the print-outs. One submission about a graphic design exhibition about incarceration seemed like a promising one. The seems less promising. Aaron will contact both authors to find out more.

  • Aaron is in the process of getting a new website started.

July 3, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/03/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Kate


  • A good discussion of the Design Democracy interview/article. What's democratic about design?

  • David has a draft of a letter to David Orr, author of Nature's Operating Instructions.