October 25, 2007

Meeting Minutes 10/25/2007

  • Still collecting content.
  • Need to meet with By Design on the mailer.
  • Need to get website started.

October 4, 2007

Meeting Minutes 10/04/2007

  • Jeremy (By Design) is working on an advertizing mailer for us.
  • October is official "push content forward" month:

    • We need to bug our authors.
    • We need to get our content in.
    • David and I went through the content list and it's looking good.
    • Article deadline is Oct. 22nd.

September 13, 2007

Meeting Minutes 09/13/2007

Attending: Aaron, David

On the front burner:

  • Content!!!
  • Mailer soliciting advertisers

    • Mailing list and mailing resources
    • Design - ByDesign
    • Postcard?
    • Soon!!!

On the back burner:

  • Website
  • Sales at Dean's office
  • Issue 5 - needs to get started... in a small way
  • Meeting with Tom
  • Discuss credit with Steve

August 28, 2007

Meeting Minutes 08/28/2007

Attending: Aaron

Beginning of school year logistics:

  • Select new time and place (probably 225 Rapson) to meet. Aaron sent out an email requesting people's availability.
  • Announcements need to be made at:

    • Architecture kick-off
    • Landscape Architecture kick-off
    • DHA kick-off (if such a thing exists)
  • Post flyers around Rapson and McNeal soliciting participation from grad students.


  • Send solicitations to firms. Aaron is still waiting to hear about a possible mailing list from the college.

August 21, 2007

Meeting Minutes 08/21/2007

Attending: Aaron, Angie, Scott

Content we have:

  • Wolbert, Define the Freedom You Design
  • Spatial Information Design Lab, Architecture + Justice
  • Boylston, Prison Nation
  • Multiple Authors (2 pieces?), Design Democracy
  • Dr. Huang, Interactive Use and Management of the inter-Korean Borderland
  • Sudheimer, Plan Free or Die
  • Miller, After 9/11


  • Angie will write up a letter to be sent out to potential advertisers
  • Aaron will find out if the department has a mailing list we can use

For the beginning of the school year:

  • Make announcements at arch., land. arch., and DHA kick-off events
  • Post fliers to recruit participants and content
  • Select a meeting time and place (Aaron)

August 7, 2007

Meeting Minutes 08/07/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott

  • Where are all our people?

July 31, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/31/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott

  • Juan sent a finished article from his contact in Korea on the Korean borderland.
  • David mentioned a Design Institute project (circa 2001?) on voting and voting technology. He will contact the institute to see if there's anything we can get.
  • Scott will try contacting a former CALA faculty member who shall remain nameless.
  • Still working on finding architects who are also politicians...
  • Thomas Jefferson?
  • Julia Robinson's connection at Deflt, or Rhea ? who visited last year on squating/urban planning in the Netherlands?

July 24, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/24/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Sarah Steil

  • Sarah (By Design) talked with us about time line, initial divisions, graphic content, advertising, etc. She would like to meet once again before school starts to get a better idea of schedule.
  • Sarah will look at the advertisements that David made and offer some critique and alternatives.

July 17, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/17/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Angie

  • Aaron heard back from one of the late submissions (on the Prison Nation exhibit) and it's a go.
  • Aaron will check in with the Dean's office to make sure sales are working.
  • We went through the content list and gave updates.

July 10, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/10/2007

Attending: Aaron, Scott, David

  • There were two new submissions in the there emailbox. Aaron passed around the print-outs. One submission about a graphic design exhibition about incarceration seemed like a promising one. The seems less promising. Aaron will contact both authors to find out more.

  • Aaron is in the process of getting a new website started.

July 3, 2007

Meeting Minutes 07/03/2007

Attending: Aaron, David, Scott, Kate


  • A good discussion of the Design Democracy interview/article. What's democratic about design?

  • David has a draft of a letter to David Orr, author of Nature's Operating Instructions.

June 26, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/26/2007

Attending: Aaron, Katie, David, Angie, Kate

  • Kate brought in a couple of examples of academic journals with advertising sections: The Moving Image and Cultural Critique
  • Content List:

    • Intellectual Property Rights: Architecture and Lessons from the Open Source World – Aaron W - Aaron is starting on this, talking to some folks thinking about it.
    • After 9/11 – Christine Miller - We have this, Kate will secure permissions.
    • Plan Free or Die: Arming the Average Citizen from the Skills of the Architect – Sonja Sudheimer - David has this one.
    • Public Services in America: Affordable Housing for All – Sarah Wolbert - Angie talked to her, we should hear back.
    • Designer Graffiti (from thesis) – Don Vu - David will email.
    • Memorial for a City (from thesis) - Tamer - David will email.
    • Public Spaces – Rachael Iannacone (Katie Hammond to inquire) - Rachel's going to send a few names of potential contributors.
    • Design Democracy: Targets vision of design - DD founder from Target (David M organizing) - David needs to write questions...
    • Summary of First Design Democracy Fellowship – 5 Finalists (David M has 4.5 of 5) - A montage of all of the essays: some words, some text for each.
    • Security and Access - Katie will check in.
    • Surveillance – Kate Gehron? - Changed to public art and space. Working.
    • Suburbia and Choice: Finding Expression in a Cookie Cutter World – David M - David is focusing on David Orr, or related topics. We should hang on to this. On Aaron's plate now.
    • Subverting Zoning: Oakland Development – Mike Pytok (Scott) - Aaron will check in. Merged with illicit space article.
    • Imprisonment of Nature: The Right for all Organisms to Exist - Andrea
    • Biloxi – Ozayr Salojee - Aaron will email.
    • Illicit Space – Scott - Aaron will check in.
    • Urban Exploration – Ross (Katie Hammond to interview/get pictures?) - Andrea
    • Gender Based Space - Katie - Where to go with this? Katie will talk to someone she knows about this.
    • Freedom and Boundaries: When Everything is Allowed -
    • Freedom of Expression: The Graphic Designer’s medium – DHA?
    • Housing as a Right. – Affordable housing symposium?
    • Freedom of the Designer: Vocation vs. Profession – Angie Boersma
    • The Elite and Design for Everyone
    • David Orr - David will try to contact
    • Affordable Housing - David will try to get info from recent conference or DHA.
    • What about the legality of design practice?

June 19, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/19/2007

Attending: Aaron, Katie, Angie, David


  • David has retrieved details on AIA-MN's advertising rates. $540 base rate for 1/3 of a page. What are the issues? Conflict of interest? Is it an academic journal if it contains advertising?

Author agreement:

  • We need one. David wrote up a draft. Copyright is a question. Creative Commons options?

Design Democracy:

  • Last year's winners are willing to do a Q & A.

Strategic plan:

  • Need a survey of architectural/design publications, regionally and nationally. Include academic journals, magazines, etc. Where do we fit? Who are we most similar to? What differentiates us from the rest?
  • Strengths and opportunitues / Weaknesses and roadblocks
  • What are the copyright issues?
  • What are other regulatory issues?
  • How do we fit in the U? What are the content restrictions? What are other restrictions?
  • Position descriptions.
  • Curriculum plan, how to fit with accreditation needs, credits, etc.
  • Marketing and sales strategies. Money from direct sales, advertising dollars, customer list...
  • Full schedule for each year: hard and soft deadlines.
  • Finances: break-even plan, profit plan.
  • A list of students, donors, and others involved in the past.
  • Professional consultant.

Meeting Minutes 6/12/07

In attendance: David, Scott, Kate, Katie

Advertising discussion continued from last week with Tom. Pros: journal could be free, wider circulation, larger budget, self sustaining. Cons: more magazine-like and commercial than academic, freedom of content cant be compromised. Format: ads placed together in back, firm directory similar to the Architecture Minnesota listings. Other income options: grants and sponsorship, although these require a clear strategic plan

Credit for staff members discussed. Currently a one credit class taken 3 times, ideal is a 3 credit class taken twice. The main obstacle is accreditation, so we should check how other schools deal with this and write up how it fits.

Discussion on how to increase submissions, focusing on the next issue. Once theme is determined (same as CDES theme?), we should create a poster call for firms explaining the mission statement. Also a standard letter could be mass mailed to potential writers. We also discussed the option of payment for submissions.

June 5, 2007

Meeting Minutes 06/05/2007

Attending: Scott, Aaron, Angie, Kate, Tom Fisher

Old Business:

  • We have the authorization form essentially complete for sales.

Meeting with Dean Fisher:

  • Laura Weber (communications, editing) and Jean Schott (graphic design) work for the college, we should use their skills.
  • Faculty advising: Could tie into the yearly "theme" of the college. Get help from the theme committee: Kristine Miller, John Comazzi, [graphic design faculty]. Content will be more plentiful when the
  • Continue to reach out to DHA, especially fashion and graphic design seniors. Kate Maple is the one to contact for contact lists. Talk to student groups (ASID, AIGA, etc.)
  • Advertise in Architecture Minnesota (Chris Hudson)? Arch. Record? AIA-MN Convention?
  • Ask firms to buy space to subsidize issues (free to students)? (Tax deductable, inexpensive, lots of exposure) Contact firms with Minnesota alumni in high level positions for sponsorship.

May 29, 2007

Meeting Minutes 05/29/07

Attending: David, Aaron, Scott, Katie, Kate, Angie

  • David talked to all the Design Democracy finalists, has essays from all but one.
  • Put issues in: Rapson Library, McNeal Library, Walker Art Center, Goldstein Museum.
  • David will send out the list of topics/articles.

May 22, 2007

Meeting Minutes 05/22/2007

At Montana Coffee In attendance: Kate, Katie, Angie, David, Scott, Aaron, Andrea

Content: * Wolbert article: need more specific focus. private/collective? freedom/boundaries? access to services. need a case study. What does design have to do with this? (Kate) * Wielsler - surveillance and barriers. Contrast with Kristen's article about 9/11. (Andrea) * Angie will perhaps write about the architectural professional and the problems with liability/insurance, etc. * Michael Pyatok article on re-zoning? (Scott?) * Architecture theses? * Urban Exploration (Andrea) An interview? Bring questions.


  • Aug. 1st - Drafts.
  • Aug. 15th - Solid copy
  • Fall Semester - images, layout, final editing
  • End of fall semester - to printer.


  • Need to schedule a meeting with Tom. Discuss money, faculty advisors.

May 9, 2007

Meeting Minutes 05/09/2007

We will be meeting this summer at Montana Coffee [514 N 3rd St #102, Minneapolis, map] each tuesday afternoon at 5:30 p.m., starting tuesday, May 15th.

April 18, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/18/2007

Attending: Aaron Westre, Angie Boersma, David McWilliams, Juan Jin, Kate Gerhon

Impending Business:

  • Thesis presentations start today. The issue three folks expressed interest in selling the journal during presentations. We need to have a table and some people-hours.
  • Next week we will be meeting at McNeal Hall (St. Paul Campus)

April 11, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/11/2007

Attending: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Juan Jin

  • Aaron will try to contact Jan Abrams about the upcoming conference.
  • Next week: Look at submissions, identify articles, write request letters.

April 4, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04/04/2007

In attendance: Aaron Westre, Juan Jin, Angie Boersma

Old Business:

  • Student Involvement The first year theory class seems essential for recruiting.
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Grant Proposals
  • Strategic Plan

New Business:

  • Design and its publics conference, april 27+28 A bunch of big-name design writers and thinkers coming to the U. Can we leverage this for the journal?
  • Next week soliciting of articles from idea submitters.

Meeting Minutes 03/28/2007

Attending – David, Angie, Kate

Here is a summary of the meeting this morning.

Potential student involvement. How can we identify students who would be good candidates for helping with the journal? A personal invitation of a few people might get them to be involved. Tom Fisher’s theory class and Robert Ferguson’s Enlightenment were identified as two classes where instructors might know about students. Others?

Faculty advisor. One of the major needs we have is a faculty advisor who can put in time and be a consistent contact/organization person. Robert Ferguson, Ozayr Salojee, and Lance Necar (potentially too busy) were identified as good candidates. Others?

Writing of grant proposals was discussed. Kate has done this before and will teach Angie how to do it.

The staff of T/here will create a 5 year strategic plan. This will included the journals mission, vision, financial plan for self-sufficiency and place within CDes’ academic programs. David – will write draft of vision and mission statement. Kate – will write procedures regarding operation of the journal. Angie – will write business plan. (Aaron, do you want to take a stab at formulating how the journal might fit in as a class? Or how ever we think best to incorporate it into the curriculum.)

That’s about it. I did have a thought on surveillance. If you write an article on it another potential dimension to explore is the whole issue of aerial photography and surveillance.


March 21, 2007

Meeting Minutes 03/21/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, Juan Jin, David McWilliams, Angie Boersma

Old Business:

  • Faculty Flier
  • Obelisk

New Business:

  • Discussed the journal's mission and history with Angie.
  • Looked through submissions so far, discussed topics.

March 19, 2007

Notes on University Press Meeting

From David:

I thought the meeting with Susan went really well on Wednesday. I just thought I would send out a summary of the things we discussed so we can have a record. Feel free to add things I missed.

Strategic Plan:

We need to develop a strategic plan for the journal. This should include a vision for what the journal is trying to accomplish.


Related to the strategic plan is identifying who our target audience is.

Dedicated publisher:

Getting a publisher would eliminate much of the upfront cost and work associated with producing the journal ourselves. However, we will loose some control over graphic appearance and printing options. A publisher would also take care of much of our advertising and leave us free to work on content. A publisher would mean a commitment to producing a high quality journal and would probably require a faculty member to stay on top of things. With a publisher we also have a much longer lead time on completing content (need content in October to publish in spring of following semester).

Faculty Advisor:

We need a more present faculty advisor. The journal is lacking consistency of management and will require someone more permanently in place than a students can provide. Discussion revolved around someone who might be new to the department and might want to pick up an additional responsibility. Journal should remain student run.
Along with this might be a more organized class option. Questions would be how to fit this in with the current curriculum. There also could be participation at a couple different levels. Perhaps two classes offered simultaneously or one after the other.

Advisory committee:

The suggestion was also made to get an advisory committee. This might best be done with members of the community involved in design field rather than within the school itself. This might provide more time and resources than faculty can provide (these people might be good contacts into the design community). Before a committee is formed specific duties and purpose need to be identified.

Book or journal:

Currently our ISBN number makes our publication a book rather than a journal.


It might be good to begin tracking potential expenses.

That’s what I remember. I’m sure there’s more or different impressions of what came out of the meeting. Feel free to add.


March 7, 2007

Meeting Minutes 03/07/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams

Old Business:

  • A flier for faculty...
  • The college newletter "Emerging" says we can do a news item. We need about 300 words describing what the journal is, the upcoming issue, and our call for submissions for issue 4.
  • U of M Press meeting on Wednesday the 14th at 10:30 at the U Press office on 3rd Ave S. in Minneapolis.
  • Finish the obelisk!

New Business:

  • Issue 3 has a cover! It's going to press!
  • Aaron received a few for more content ideas by email, he'll bring some print outs next time to look at.

February 28, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/28/2007

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre, Kate Gehron

Old Business:

  • A flier for the faculty offices
  • Ozayr wants to write an article about Biloxi.

New Business:

  • "Lifestyle Centers" - Little downtowns in the suburbs, sort of private, sort of public. What's the role of design in these places?
  • Aaron will talk to Alex Terzich, to see if he's interested in writing something.
  • Next week we should think of some things to ask the U of M Press when we meet with them during spring break.
  • Issue 3 may go to press this week.
  • Kate suggests we hold a sort of open house to tell students and other interested parties about the journal and to recruit participants. David suggests we time this to coincide with the publication of issue 3.

February 21, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/21/2007

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre


  • David has the two submissions for the Design Democracy fellowship. We're thinking of doing a pair of articles on this: one with the submitted student work, and one written by someone at Target explaining what their goals are with the fellowship, how they look at design, and what democracy has to do with it.
  • David emailed Rachel Ianacone (Public space class)
  • David and I can pitch our Cave and the Light class, to see if anybody's interested in submitting.
  • We should make a poster or email specifically for faculty to encourage them to consider whether any of the work in their courses would be suitable for issue 4.
  • Kate got an article from Kristine Miller on 9/11 and public space.
  • David will contact Bill Conway about the idea of Pro Bono work.


  • Kate got an appointment with the University Press over spring break.
  • We need to get a blurb into the next issue of "Emerging", the college newsletter.
  • We will meet on saturday at 1pm to build our "obelisk". Aaron will send an email reminder.

February 14, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02/14/2006

Attendance: David McWilliams, Aaron Westre, Kate Gehron, Juan Jin


  • Talking about making a rolling advertising obelisk. A two or four sided obelisk-type structure that would roll around the school. There would be a question of the week and a place to write responses.

February 7, 2007

Meeting Minutes 2/7/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, Tom Fisher, David McWilliams, Kate Gerhon


  • There have been three ideas submissions so far.
  • We need to alter the fliers that are up with an extended deadline. Also, print more and post around campus again. Aaron will handle this.
  • Tom says we should post some of the questions we've been asking with this topic around campus to see if that generates interest. Come up with some questions to post around the school.
  • Make a rolling board to advertise the journal.


  • Proofs for issue 3 have been produced.
  • The college is planning to implement a yearly theme. The first, which would happen next year, will probably be global climate change. Other topics, such as digital design and production, are in the discussion. The question for us is whether T/HERE should be a vehicle to publish the work that is generated under this theme each year. Our issue wouldn't be effected by this, but the next would be.
  • Tom says we should plug the journal in the Alumni newsletter.

January 31, 2007

Meeting Minutes 1/31/2007

Attendance: Kate Gehron, Juan Jin, David McWilliams, Aaron Westre


  • Aaron will


  • Public Space / politics course currently being taught (David)
  • Walter Hood - Urban design (Kate)
  • Christine Miller - Public space (Kate)
  • Julie Bargmann - Superfund sites (Kate)
  • Jin An Kin - Korean architect, urban issues (Juan)
  • Copyright in design, open source (Aaron)
  • Ironies of the Freedom towers (David)
  • John Keopke - freedom from Ojibwe perspective
  • Paradox of choice in "custom homes"
  • Walkable cities (?)
  • Safety
  • Surveillance, panopticon (Kate)
  • Permaculture (Kate)
  • Korean DMZ, design implications (Juan)

January 24, 2007

Meeting Minutes 01/24/2007

Attendance: David, Aaron

Call for Ideas:

  • Aaron will work on posting the call to archinect
  • Send call (specific wording) to faculty in the CDes to encourage submissions from them and from their students
    • Especially take advantage of courses in line with our "freedom" theme
  • Send call (specific wording) to professionals and others whose work seems pertinent to the topic
  • Need a new deadline for these calls


  • Email Steve Weeks and Tom Fisher about new meeting time
  • Brainstorm authors for next week

January 18, 2007

Meeting Minutes 01/18/2007

Attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Kate Gehron.

Getting everyone up to date on what the journal is and what we're doing. Kate is interested in the publishing and marketing side of things. Woo hoo!

Aaron will coordinate a new meeting time.

November 30, 2006

Meeting Minutes 11/30/2006

We're discussing David's latest draft for the call for submissions.

In attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams, Scott Watson.

The call is in good shape. We need to send it out soon. What else do we need for the call?

  • Final wording
  • Images
  • Layout

We need to put up posters for the call for submissions and call for participating.

David will revise call and send out tomorrow. I will work on the fineprint and get that to David. We'll also take a crack at laying out the call and posters.

November 9, 2006

Meeting Minutes 11-9-2006

Call for Submissions - Illicit Space

  • Include definitions of illicit and space?
  • Submission format possibility: one image and 100 words?
  • Encourage submissions from all disciplines:
    • Design: arch., l.arch., graphics, fashion, interior, experience
    • Other disciplines: music, theatre, history, social sciences, art, literature, philosophy, technology
  • Articles don't need to be about design or by designers, but need to have implications for design.
  • We'll work on this some more, get a draft together soon.

November 2, 2006

Meeting Minutes

Time Schedule Should Be:

  • Fall: Create and send out call for submissions.
  • Spring: Gather content and edit.
  • Summer: Layout and finalization.
  • Fall: Distribution and promotion. Helping next issue get started.

Call for submissions:

  • Before thanksgiving, if possible.
  • Again after semester break.
  • How can the call for submission expand the topic, not constrain it?
  • Illicit Space, call for submissions: need some evocative examples (homeless spaces, surveillance, squatter spaces, underground music/art venues, property rights - physical/intellectual, illegal activities.
  • Illicit space arises when public/private boundaries are disturbed. How does illicit space manifest itself in design?
  • Come up with a draft for next week... we'll compare notes.

October 12, 2006

Meeting Minutes

We're in room 225, Rapson Hall. In attendance: Aaron Westre, David McWilliams.


  • Printing: Has anyone at the U done something similar
  • We need to make sure that people submitting content understand that the journal will be published in a digital format.
  • We should send off a call for submissions soon. We should have submissions coming in at the end of the semester.
  • Can we get a space for our stuff and our meetings? Do we want a space in Rapson? This place seems so unstable... holding onto a space seems kind of tenuous.
  • Once we have a topic and call for submissions, we should talk to our faculty to see if they know of student work that would fit.
  • How many of each back issue do we have? Should we give a copy to all incoming grad students. We could tie this to an event. Aaron will look into this.
  • David will try to get a copy of the mission statement and email it around so we can take a look and revise it.
  • We will put the next issue online in some manner. We should put as much of the previous issues online as we can. This requires contacting authors to secure rights.
  • My thinking is that an online component is essential for us at this time. It can help us gain a wider audience. There could be a free subscription to the web version and a pay subscription that includes the print version and web version with extra content.

October 5, 2006

Meeting 10/05/2006

I'm here with David again, this time in room 245, our studio space. Room 225 is in use today, but we have it reserved for the rest of the semester.


  • Illicit Space - How do people make space when their program isn't explicitly included in the design of an environment? What are the reactions to illicit space? Types? Homeless environments, underground music venues, ad hoc theatre, flop houses, drug havens, panhandling, etc. How do designers contribute to the "problem" of illicit space? How do/can they help? If designers try to come up with a solution, is it just an affront to the people who desire an illicit/underground space?


  • James stopped by and we talked about the above topic. We also talked about getting an official course designation for the journal. He's going to talk to Renee or Tom about that. We also discussed accelerating the pace of this first semester of journal planning, such that most articles would be in by January or so. This would allow us much more time for graphics, printing, etc. He also emphasized the need to get first year grad students involved at an earlier stage. This seems like a good topic: one that's provocative enough to bring in submissions, yet flexible enough to work across a range of design disciplines and interests.

September 28, 2006

Minutes 09/28/2006

I'm sitting here with David alone in room 225. We're talking about topics:

  • Dave brings up design education. What's the evolution, history? How is design education now different than 10, 20, 30, 100 years ago? Is it better? Are designers more or less satisfied now vs. then?
  • What if we did an education survey of people that graduated from CALA through the years? How does satisfaction, money, built projects, career, etc. compare across time?
  • Sonja comes in and mentions that there is a lot potential for wordplay with the word "four". Perhaps an issue an design grammar?
  • Sonja leaves and we're back on education. David says maybe a sort of student's guide to design education would work. Exposing the inner workings of the education process, over time, etc.
  • We need to invite Tom Fisher to a meeting once we've got a few topics to talk through.
  • Do we need to consider a theme for the journal (across all issues)? i.e. a consistent theme, a narrowing of our scope. Would this help build a loyal readership? Or is it alright to have each issue different than the last? Does the journal need a perspective, an attitude.
  • How about an issue on student work? (Like a yearbook.) Is this t/here or is it a totally different publication? Or is it half and half? Writing on one side... flip it over to see student work... there/here.


  • We need to revise the mission statement.
  • Figure out who's receiving the email.
  • Changing the name of the journal?
  • Should we even be printing this thing?
  • Different distribution methods: print-on-demand, having the U bookstore sell it (on shelves, online), PDF / electronic version (a must).

September 23, 2006

Notes from Saturday's Big Edit Ho-down

Here are some things from the issue 3 "Big Edit Ho-down" that apply to our duties for issue 4:

  • We should try to check out Room 225 for our meetings. I'll look into this.
  • We need a standard way of passing along information to the next issue. Folks were talking about getting an external hard drive and/or appointing someone to pass along both the digital and oral data that is accumulated during the making of an issue.
  • We need a large rubber stamp, with red ink, that reads "SHITCANNED".
  • We should get first year students involved with the journal right away. These folks could be involved in selling issue 3 and inputting ideas for issue 4. The thinking here is that if people get involved early, they'll be more committed to the journal over the course of the three years. If first year students take on sales, this will also take some pressure off third year students, who are working on thesis.
  • We should have a big reception-type event at which we release issue 3. This would be a good place to sell a lot of copies.

September 14, 2006

Meeting Minutes 9/14/06

  • Picking a topic
  • Who do we send the call for submission to? Who do we want involved in this next issue?
  • How far should the journal be pushed? Is this a question of resources: money, time (credit), staff?
  • We should talk to faculty (Fisher, Ferguson, Iannacone) to see if we can leverage work that is already being done. Have them look for current or past papers that may fit our topic. Ryan and Della will work on this.
  • We should talk to TAs as well.
  • Everyone that wants to should register for one credit of directed study.
  • We should get a rolling pin-up board, so we have a "space" that's somewhat permanent. Aaron will work on this.
  • We will meet every thursday at 10am in Rapson 245 (Yoos Studio).