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Day 5 of Digital Art Workshop

Day five marked the final day to work with the students on our tales of transformation.  We had to take these different images and animations and turn them into a flowing, body of work.  The students had begun this the class before.  Each student went through the different transitions, sounds, effects, etc. to see which would fit best into their story.  Neither student seemed to get overwhelmed or caught up in the many, many choices iMovie has to offer.  Garage Band was all introduced during day five.  The students seemed very interested in learning more about Garage Band; I was also interested in discovering what could be done with it.  There was a portion of the final audio that came from Garage Band.  The students got almost everything done during this final class period.  Transitions seemed to all be in place, and most of the video had audio to accompany it.  There were only a few more things to finished.  Overall I thought this was a really great experience.  I'm not sure if I will ever get an experience like this during my education again.  The chance to work with students and digital arts such as Photoshop is really great.  There is a lot I'll be able to take away from this experience.  The kids were great and really excited to learn new things, and that helped make this such a great experience. 

Day 4 of Digital Art Workshop

Day four of the Digital Art Workshop was another day to work on our story of The Ugly Pumpkin.  We began day four using stop motion animation.  Before class began we made a stage and set up a camera.  The students worked with small pumpkins and gourds to illustrate a scene of isolation.  With small movements and many pictures being taken, we were able to create a really great scene.  The kids seemed to enjoy trying this kind of animation, and I was really happy with the way it turned out.  Once finished with the stop motion scene, it was back to the computers.  To help bring the students into the tale we were creating each student took numerous pictures of themselves using Photobooth.  These pictures were then used to turn the ugly pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern showing the faces of the students.  We finished rendering the images and all Photoshop animation.  We were able to begin animating in iMovie.  It seemed easiest to split the story in half and have one student work on one half while the other student worked on the other half.  Day four was very productive.  We got everything done that we were hoping to finish.  Now it was time to edit our film.

Day 3 of Digital Art Workshop

The third day of the workshop I began working with my other mentors and our students on our tale of transformation.  Our group was making a story based on The Ugly Duckling. Our story would be called The Ugly Pumpkin, and the visuals were inspired by Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement.  The mentors and storytellers went through our storyboard and thought of how each part of the story could be created and animated.  (The storyboard had been made previous to this class.)  The story was divided among the students, and they began working.  Since initial images had been made during day two, we were able to start animating quickly.  The students manipulated different elements of their images in Photoshop to show change and created simple animation in Photoshop.  Each student seemed to have caught on very quickly to the different ideas of Photoshop.  They were really able to plow through tasks that needed to be done.  I was excited about how much was accomplished but knew there was still a great deal to do.

Day 2 of Digital Art Workshop

On the second day of the Digital Art Workshop, Whitney and I met with the students at the beginning for the session in the Tweed Museum of Art.  While at the Tweed, we discussed chalk, whiteboard, and graffiti animation.  The students looked at different example and then were given to chance to work on their own chalkboard animation.  All the students seemed to think this type of animation was very interesting and commented to amazing the examples were.  A few students helped with the chalkboard animation.  They turned a man into a werewolf.  They were encouraged to make the man move and change size.  Some of the students really seemed to catch on and were doing well.  We had a very limited time with the students on Day 2 though.  These animations, like most, take a lot of time to complete.

Day 1 of Digital Art Workshop

The Digital Methods in Art Education class put on an after school workshop for youth ages ten to fourteen.  On the first day of the Digital Art Workshop the students were introduced to Photoshop and the idea of using Photoshop as an animation tool.  While a few children had some prior experience in Photoshop, for many children this was a whole new experience.  I worked with one young girl who had never used Photoshop before.  She, and most of her peers, appeared quite excited to learn about this new tool.  Each student began by taking a picture of him or herself.  They were then instructed to transform these images into something new.  These transformations were done with an additive process, using tools such as the "paint brush."  The students seemed to really enjoy this activity, and I enjoyed seeing what new things each student would think of creating.  Photoshop can be confusing (I am still learning new things about it every day), and I think the students did a really great job at taking all this new information in and using is to create their animations.



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