Day 4 of Digital Art Workshop

Day four of the Digital Art Workshop was another day to work on our story of The Ugly Pumpkin.  We began day four using stop motion animation.  Before class began we made a stage and set up a camera.  The students worked with small pumpkins and gourds to illustrate a scene of isolation.  With small movements and many pictures being taken, we were able to create a really great scene.  The kids seemed to enjoy trying this kind of animation, and I was really happy with the way it turned out.  Once finished with the stop motion scene, it was back to the computers.  To help bring the students into the tale we were creating each student took numerous pictures of themselves using Photobooth.  These pictures were then used to turn the ugly pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern showing the faces of the students.  We finished rendering the images and all Photoshop animation.  We were able to begin animating in iMovie.  It seemed easiest to split the story in half and have one student work on one half while the other student worked on the other half.  Day four was very productive.  We got everything done that we were hoping to finish.  Now it was time to edit our film.



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