Day 5 of Digital Art Workshop

Day five marked the final day to work with the students on our tales of transformation.  We had to take these different images and animations and turn them into a flowing, body of work.  The students had begun this the class before.  Each student went through the different transitions, sounds, effects, etc. to see which would fit best into their story.  Neither student seemed to get overwhelmed or caught up in the many, many choices iMovie has to offer.  Garage Band was all introduced during day five.  The students seemed very interested in learning more about Garage Band; I was also interested in discovering what could be done with it.  There was a portion of the final audio that came from Garage Band.  The students got almost everything done during this final class period.  Transitions seemed to all be in place, and most of the video had audio to accompany it.  There were only a few more things to finished.  Overall I thought this was a really great experience.  I'm not sure if I will ever get an experience like this during my education again.  The chance to work with students and digital arts such as Photoshop is really great.  There is a lot I'll be able to take away from this experience.  The kids were great and really excited to learn new things, and that helped make this such a great experience. 



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