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Why can't we be friends?

So, when Barney and I first moved into together I had 2 cats: Trillian, whom you see below, and Louisa. Louisa was a little darling, except for a unbudgable desire to kill Eddie, whom you also see below. Happily, Louisa is now queen of all she surveys in a 1-cat household of a former co-worker and Eddie no longer needs to fear for his life. However, even though it's been almost 3 years since Louisa went to her current home, Eddie and Trillian had only ever gone as far as semi-polite avoidance of one another. Or so we thought. Last night, they did this: (!!!!)
Note that Eddie's tail is actually *touching* Trillian's foot. Amazing!


that's how it starts! I have a 19 yr old cranky but fairly spry cat, and a 3yr old party animal. They don't sleep cuddled up often, but it does happen. Didn't even take real long since Sara came in as a kitten and I think she just wore Chandra down. the real advance is that lately Chandra has allowed Sara to wash her.

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