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Thick as a Brick

My dad, Robert L. West, tells me that this week he discovered he was being sued. He wasn't specific, but I think it was when the sheriff showed up at his house. He went to the courthouse to figure out what was going on and discovered the following:

A man used to live next door to a Robert Lee West. This Robert Lee had dismantled a shed or something and left bits in the man's yard and then moved away. So the man decided to sue. He went to the phone book, found the first Robert L. listed and sued him. My dad. Not the actual culprit. My dad went to the man's house, knocked on the door, introduced himself and asked him why he was suing him. The man blanched and said, "Oh, wait, I don't know you." It was then that he told my dad his methodology for the suit. Daddy told him that there were 3 Robert L. Wests in town and of the remaining two, one was a preacher, so perhaps the man should try a more systematic approach unless he wanted to really push his luck with a creator known to have a temper.

Through a tremendous effort of will, Daddy did not say at very high volume "You utter, utter moron!!!! Do you have any idea how irresponsible and stupid you are? How much hassle this is for me? How ridiculous the whole idea is, even if you had got the right Robert??"

I pointed out that Daddy could probably sue him for emotional distress. Daddy's clearly still steaming because, while he laughed at that like the joke it was, there was a little edge there that makes me think he might do it just to teach the guy a lesson...