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There's a limit to useful abstractions

So as I was writing my silly little Songs o' Summer Conventions, I saw on TV an ad paid for by the Department of Homeland Security's Ready.gov unit. It consisted of little league players, who, one at a time, listed a person's name and phone number.

Then, there was a brief voiceover saying something vague about "Make plans. Be ready." Then they flashed the "Ready.gov".

Ohhh-kayy. Well, I know *lots* of phone numbers. So I must be really, really ready... What for? I don't know. 'S ok though - doesn't seem to matter.

Sigh. You know, I'm all for taxing and spending, but c'mon, make it worth the effort.

Take a hint from Dick Cheney: indicate the ways in which we should prepare for the armageddon that's sure to follow if we're foolish enough to vote for Kerry. By the way, how does he know? I mean, is he planning to make sure that there'll be a terrorist attack if we don't vote for Shrub?