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My Mom Got Married on 4/2/05

This is the first picture to come in from the wedding. I can now check off ironing a tuxedo for a dachshund from my list of random things to do in life. I did the hat too - the secret is finding a jar/round item that's as close to the size of the hat's diameter as possible, then putting the hat over that and ironing around it. Al is the human (and bridegroom), Captain the dashing dachshund.

Al and Captain.jpg


Hee. It will forever be a mystery to me why the sight of dogs dressed in ridiculous clothing is so funny -- but it is. Captain looks marvelous.

Oh, and congratulations to your mom.

What a good-looking groom! The dog is pretty cute too! Of course I am partial to both of them. However, I am not into doggies in clothing either! Amy, I am so glad you got that chore!
I love my new step-mom and step-sis, along with new family! What a great blended group we are!

Love, Cookie
(daughter of the groom and sister of the dog who will be in therapy for quite some time!)

Amy, Great Picture! Both are very dashing! But of course you didn't mention that that was the happiest and quietest that pooch had been all day. I thought it was a wonderful day. I am so glad your mom and Al found each other. Love ya,