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Camping at Lake Maria

Barney grew up camping; the whole family was, and to some extent remains, serious campers. However, a few years ago his house was burned down and all his camping gear went with it. Not his cat Eddie thankfully, but it wasn't the best Christmas Eve ever for him.

So we decided we'd start doing some camping. Last week we went to pick up the last major gear - our tent, sleeping bags, etc. Man, tents are seriously different now from when I was a kid. We set that sucker up in less than 10 min. And, it survived pretty heavy winds overnight. Neat.

This weekend we decided to give everything a workout at Lake Maria, about 45 min. northwest of the Twin Cities. It was quite lovely:

The Marmot:

Minnesota: Possibly meaning "clouds reflected on water" - my choice anyway:

That amazing spring green:

Reaching for the sun:

Sigh. Only saw the sign:

No turtles here either; pretty though:


Hi -- cool pictures! I'm getting ready to go camping at lake Maria and was wondering if you remember what your campsite number was. Is there a site in particular you'd recommend, or is there another park within an hour of the Minneapolis area that's spectacular and secluded? Thanks! :^)