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Surreal Life VI.I

So. Patterns of Global Terrorism. In the news this time last year for blatant data tampering in order to make the claim (utterly, utterly, utterly false) that terrorism had decreased in 2003 - in fact, it shot up substantially. Same thing in 2004. So. *This year* the admistration decided not to repeat last year's mistakes - successfully, too. To quote Alan Zoellner at the College of William and Mary:

"The controversy about terrorism statistics has resolved itself in the
appearance of two new publications, one from the State Department to
continue meeting the obligation to report annually to Congress about
terrorism by the end of April but with no statistics, and one from the
National Counterterrorism Center which will have the data. Patterns of
Global Terrorism is replaced by the dataless Country Reports on Terrorism: 2004 from the State Department at http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/c14813.htm

The data was released in National Counterterrorism Center: A Chronology of Significant International Terrorism for 2004 at
Source: New Publications for Terrorism Information.

This year's report generated a few no-profile news article. The irony? That the increase in the patterns of *global* terrorism increased because of terrorist activity focused on the Kashmir conflict. However, the folks at the State Dept. realize that no one will ever listen to this much discussion on the subject. They'll hear more terrorism and think "=bad administration", much as they heard "Saddam Hussein hates Americans; the 9/11 attackers *certainly* did" and therefore concluded that Saddam Hussein is personally responsible for 9/11, even though there is no evidence that Hussein's many evils included this particular activity.