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Malabrigo "Mountain Spirit" - With finished sweater

From 2-18-06
Like every other knitter out there who's found Malabrigo, I am just smitten with this yarn. It's amazingly soft and the colors are so beautiful I'll just sit and look at the skeins. I never have found an image online of "Mountain Spirit", so I took this photo. It's pretty true to the colors, but as it was sitting in the sun, they're all lighter than I usually think of them. I've got six full and one 3/4 skein and will be making myself a sweater. Yummmmyyyyy...


Today, 2-18-07
The sweater, sadly, is too large. On the upside, I only used about 5.5 skeins for a sweater a good 6" too wide. Nonetheless, I followed the instructions exactly and, provided I'm not wearing it, it looks pretty cool. Makes me look like a linebacker when I wear it, so this will be a strictly at-home sweater. It's very warm, but it's pilling in a hurry.

If I were to do this pattern again (and I might), one thing I'd do is start the armholes at 15" (rather than 14") and begin the neck shaping on the same row. Right now the neck doesn't start for another 3" or so. With the neck too high, the ruching is, well, not flattering.

Yarn: Malabrigo "Mountain Spirit" ; 5.5 skeins (~1050 yards)
Needles: size 8 circulars; 24" for the body, 12" for the arms
Pattern: Ruched Pullover & Tank - http://www.jcacrafts.com/images/artful/spring2004/92097_sweaters.jpg