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Finally! Knitting & cute mammals

I've been knitting like crazy, but since I've been doing all Christmas presents, I haven't been able to record what I've finished until after I give the presents. So, yippee, I can now talk about

Dainty Bess pattern from "Elizabeth I" by Jolene Treace at http://www.knitpicks.com/Projects/itemid_50356220/projects_display
#5 Clover straights
3.5 skeins of DebbieBliss Pure Silk (DK) #06 @ http://www.knittingfever.com/knitpatterns.asp?manu=Debbie+Bliss&yarn=Pure+Silk+DK&prodid=5012&prodtype=yarn&detail=yes

which I made for my mom:


Unrelated to knitting, but too cute not to share:
Clockwise: Mom, Al, Captain, Maggie