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snowongrass.jpg, originally uploaded by amy_elizabeth_west.

first real snow this year on the neighbor's ornamental grass. Imagine that if you fill a huge open space with more of the same, you'd get an idea of the prairie as it used to look.


What a beautiful ornamental grass! I actually like it. Christmas is really near.

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I have to agree. We cannot trust EITHER party. They have both sold us out. It is a case of whoever is not in power blaming the one that is. We Americans have been so comfortable for so long that we dont think this can happen to us. Sort of like a young girl reading all about other gals being raped but goes walking in a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night thinking It cant happen to me. BULL. It IS happening, folks and we had better WAKE UP before it goes any further.Unfortunately, I think it has already passed the point of no return. What is left is a lot of protests, a civil war, lots of people dying and the rest being left with taking the mark and living as slaves to the one world government.And unfortunately, many of you will just sit back, drink your beer, watch American Idol, or CSI or whatever it is you escape to just trying to avoid dealing with it.But many of us will go down fighting for YOUR freedom to do so!

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