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Blood-red Crane's Bill, Irises, and Daisies in front yard started blooming today

Already blooming:
Lilies of the Valley
Snowdrop Anemone
Creeping phlox
trollius in backyard
columbine in backyard
ajuga reptans (can barely tell; migrated more to center, much has died off)

Already done:
pulsetilla in backyard
hyacinths in backyard
tulips, narcissus
dwarf iris
Puschkinia Libanotica

Moving/Dividing so far:
small bed left of front door:
added in tulips from random spots elsewhere
replanted and hopefully removed weeds from coral bells
put front yard pulsetilla in back corner - had stopped thriving in previous location

Weeding so far:
-cut down suckers from boulevard trees
-cleaned out front yard hosta bed
-weeded front bed edging sidewalk and about 1/2 of end against house; all the rest is awaiting expansion of the bed, major replanting/weed removal
-weeded bed under pine tree on left side of yard