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May 27, 2004

Where's the documentation??

OK, I know the documentation for the historical county and tract files must be on aggdata somewhere, but where? have to get a look before students start so I know what they'll be dealing with...Still working on manual...
still can't map to server from Windows either, arghh!

May 22, 2004

Why can't we be friends?

So, when Barney and I first moved into together I had 2 cats: Trillian, whom you see below, and Louisa. Louisa was a little darling, except for a unbudgable desire to kill Eddie, whom you also see below. Happily, Louisa is now queen of all she surveys in a 1-cat household of a former co-worker and Eddie no longer needs to fear for his life. However, even though it's been almost 3 years since Louisa went to her current home, Eddie and Trillian had only ever gone as far as semi-polite avoidance of one another. Or so we thought. Last night, they did this: (!!!!)
Note that Eddie's tail is actually *touching* Trillian's foot. Amazing!

Golden Gopher Irises & Some Kind of Daisy

These irises were already here when we moved in, although they didn't bloom too well the first year (2001) b/c they were apparently in dire need of dividing...The daisies are one of at least two varieties that were also in the yard already. In back there's Shastas all over. Will be consolidating all the strays later this summer, but I should also figure out which variety this lot are. **Based on some very limiting looking around online, it appears that Shastas can also be tall, like these, so maybe these are Shastas too.** This pic is about a week old and there's lots more blooms, but we've had a lot of heavy rain and now they're not looking quite as perky.

May 19, 2004

For Thurs. 5.20.04

-finish the modified tag library handout
-check DDI 101.ppt for typos, check order of elements (make sure they're in order)
-back to unfortunates manual...

On Monday: print the handout b/f leaving for Madison...

The Irises are Coming! The Irises are Coming!

Given the extremely disappointing turnout for our wedding tulips and daffodils and the fact that I am apparently incapable of growing plants from seed, I am sooooo happy to see that Grandma's irises are blooming this year! There are 6 confirmed buds so far and potentially at least that many more. Course I don't know what varieties any of them are - I put them in last year, but no blooms, so no idea what's coming. I can't wait!

May 17, 2004

Order from Chaos

Out with the yucky old:
and in with the beautiful new:

We still have to get the mulch, but that's been slowed by rain and the relocation of our local mulch pile.

Side note: it is so cool that you can get free mulch from the city - a perfect example of efficient use of public resources - city picks up yard waste, thus encouraging people to maintain their yards - then takes the branches, grinds them up and puts them back out for people to come get, thus saving them $$, encouraging use of weed-reducing and water conserving practices in their yards. So great! I wonder how many other citiies have policies this reasonable?

Anyway, into the newly cleared space I've put Purple Rockfoil - it's just beautiful! Still learning to use the digital camera - will probably replace the image later.

Ahh, Lilacs

Love, love, love lilacs. This stand was so overgrown, it was getting citations from the city for blocking the alley and all the older branches were bent at nearly right angles to get to the light. I've been working to thin it it out so that the branches will stand up straight. It'll take a while to get it looking right.

More bulb Sadness

Sigh. This was the only daffodil blossom this year - beautiful, but...

May 10, 2004

May Schedule

Here it is: http://govpubs.lib.umn.edu/staff/amy_schedule.htm