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March 30, 2005

A daffodil start

Now there's a daffodil shooting up. On 3/18 we had about 3" of snow. Thankfully today's weather will be rain; otherwise we'd have been shoveling a couple of feet. Yikes. Just looked at some pictures of last year's garden and I can hardly believe it was ever that green and lush. Oh man, I can't stand the waiting. Want lush again. Now.

March 28, 2005

Shoots! I saw shoots!

Yesterday there were 5 dwarf iris shoots; this morning, 8! mmmm...maybe there'll be nine when I get home tonight! The ice/snow has almost finished melting over the regular iris and creeping phlox. Now, I just need to see signs that the "winter survivor" pansies are accurately named...

March 25, 2005

First green growth of Spring

The heck with robins! I saw two new tiiiinnnyyy little green leaves on the Lamium 'White Nancy' I put in last year. Yay! First new growth of the year!