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September 25, 2005

Campanula carpatica

Yet another gift from my very generous friend - these campanula are hardy, pretty and thrive with no effort on my part. They bloom in June and July; I've even had a couple of unexpected blooms in the last four weeks.


Cichorium intybus

How unfortunate - this was in our yard when we moved here and I think it is beautiful, but I just got the scientific name from a US Forest Service web site devoted to noxious weeds! It blooms starting in July and I think I may still have a few blooms out there. The stems do bend/break pretty easily though and that happened about a month ago, so I can't say for sure how long they bloom.


Pink Daylily

I just love these - there was one very sad plant in the back yard when we moved in and I've found them a home now after a few tries that they seem to like. I'm just letting them get as developed as they want - no dividing or anything for at least 3 or 4 more years. The bloom through July.


Butter Yellow Daylily

Got this one from a friend; she got it from her mother; it's really quite lovely. Begins blooming in July and lasts through most of August. It and the other yellow-based daylilies will be gathered together and replanted this fall for next year.


Hemerocallis 'Raspberry Pixie'

This one has taken *forever* to get into a spot in which it would bloom - not really what I'd expected from a daylily, but whatever. Also, so far, it's definitely not fragrant. Oh well, still pretty and an early July bloomer. It and its other pink-based buddies in the garden are all going to get planted together for next year.


Astilbe arendsii Bridal Veil

This little beauty was a wedding gift from my colleagues at the library. It's done quite well. I had planned to relocate it to antoher spot that had 2 salmon pink dwarf astilbes, but since both of those have died, I'm a little reluctant. The conditions should be just right and I think it was just the pink ones and not the soil, on the other hand, why chance it...Oh yeah, this was another July bloomer.