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January 31, 2007

Lila Belle

Also highly photogenic is Yvonne's younger feline, Lila. The key to getting her attention is to ignore her initially. Do that and she'll be sleeping on you and sniffing your hair in no time. Check out those peach eyebrows! These two are my faves of her:




Sophia Maria Conchita Rosarita...

Sophie is the older of Yvonne's lovely cats. She used to play with my cat, occasionally naughtily tweaking Trillian just 'cause it was fun. She has the best meow - she lectures! I like to pick her up and annoy her just to hear her give me what for. She is also much easier to photograph than either Trillian or Eddie. I think these 2 are my favorites:




Arrrh! It's a Pirate Hat Matey

These photos are of my friend and knitting guru Yvonne and her awesome Pirate hat. That it's in contrasting shades of pink makes me so happy...The hubby wants one now, but haven't decided on the colors...





American Library Association Midwinter meeting was in Seattle this year, so I stayed after the conference to play. Wednesday 1/24/07 was a beautiful day - sunny, warm. Went to Golden Gardens park with my friends Laura and Jeremy. Check out the Olympics:


Picked up some lovely shells, but need to wait for the weekend to get a photo (I'm not home during daylight hours during the week this time of year).

January 10, 2007

More playtime with new camera

So I was chasing our cats around the house trying to get shots of them, testing lighting conditions, etc. Never could get one of Eddie I was pleased with, but I got two good ones of Trillian - first confused by her human and then later, worried about her human:

Trillian Confused

Trillian Worried

Brand New Camera

Got a new camera for Solstice - thank you Ed Peterson - and have been playing with the settings. One mode is Scene Mode which has a preset for "Kids and Pets". It supposedly is optimized for kids and pets by incl. image stabilization and I don't know what else. Not sure it works - the image stabilization seems to increase blur, at least when used w/o a tripod, but I thought this shot was cool even though it's a complete mistake. This is the back leg of my cat as she walked away from me while I tried to get a shot of her...


January 1, 2007

The scarf I intended to give my stepmother

Just realized I don't have a picture of this one. In the meantime:
Pattern: Horseshoe Lace scarf from "The Little Box of Scarves II" by Melissa Matthay and Sheryl Thies
Yarn: 2 skeins of Adrienne Vittadini "Martina" in color #406 (deep red)
Needles: #7 straights

Christmas Stockings

My stepsister and her family just bought their first house, so when I heard it had a fireplace, I decided to make them Christmas stockings. They seem to like them...Left to right: Charlie, Tom and Amy; each under his or her stocking.


All stockings:
Pattern: Christmas Socks by Nancy Lindberg
Needles: #7 circulars/#7 dpns

Charlie's stocking:
Cuff: garter stitch / Spruce "Wool of the Andes" (WotA) from Knitpicks
Leg: main pattern from p. 128 of "Traditional Fair Isle Knitting" by Sheila McGregor; middle panel; main color "Hollyberry" (WotA), contrasting color "Cloud" (WotA); small pattern: p. 70, right column, 4th panel down; main color "Cloud"; contrasting color: Galway #56 (blue)
Heel, foot, toe: "Spruce" WotA

Tom's stocking:
followed pattern; used tree, bell, snowflake, bell and snowman designs; double-stitched Tom's full name
WotA: Hollyberry, Spruce, Cloud
Galway: #56 (blue); #137 (yellow)
Brown Sheep Nature Spun: pepper

Amy's stocking:
structure from Nancy's pattern; cuff in moss stitch
snowflake pattern from Fall 06 Knit it! magazine, p. 105
colors: cuff, snowflake, heel and toe: Galway #56 (blue), body and foot Brown Sheep Nature Spun "Aran" (N 91)
Note: I was unsuccessful in carrying enough yarn around when doing the snowflake. As a result, you couldn't open the sock properly. So, I cut the yarn between the 2 snowflakes and then felted it. Of the three, this one's my favorite and I'm going to experiment with felting other fair isle patterns. I want to see how complicated a pattern can be before felting causes it to loose too much definition.

Malabrigo Chunky "Charrua" (229) Scarf

As a hank, this yarn looks like a Siamese cat with the light blue and various shades of beige and brown. I made it for me, but I was showing it to my stepmother and she was so taken with it, I gave it to her.


Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky "Charrua" (229); 2 skeins
Needles: #11 straights
Pattern: none; seed stitch border (4 rows top and bottom); 2 stitches on each side; center stockinette