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September 15, 2007

sweater for Barney

IMG_0832, originally uploaded by amy_elizabeth_west.

Barney's first handknit sweater. I took this at 7:15am because it's going to be 95 today {in early July]. I modeled it on a sweater he has and the measurements were right, but the yarn I used is less stiff than the model yarn and I think I lost some gauge at the neck/shoulders because the upper-chest proportions are clearly off.

Ah well, he likes it. And even likes the big shoulders and neck because he'll only be wearing it over collared shirts.

Yarn: Ironstone Yarns "New Wool" Color 106
Needles: 24", 16" no. 10s, dpn 10s
Cable: Double Moss Cable; p.85 of the Harmony Guides 450 Knitting Stitches, vol. 2.
Pattern: taken off existing sweater


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