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August 5, 2008


serendipitytank.JPG, originally uploaded by amy_elizabeth_west.

I love this tank although, as always, I find photos of myself a bit disconcerting. That's not quite what I see in the mirror...

The Soysilk is great to knit with and great to wear. However, it's way stretchier than I expected. I could have reduced the tank by a repeat of the lace pattern (18sts/side = ~3"/side) and it would have been fine even though I worried that would be too tight when I started. It also stretches _down_ so that after 3 wearings it's a lot lower cut than intended. I'll certainly knit with SWTC soysilk again, but next time, I'll go narrower than otherwise and shorter in the body and neckline than I would with another yarn.