VLAB -- Four UofM Depts plus 8 other Institutions

"The Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials, VLab, funded by the National Science Foundation and hosted by the Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulations and Advanced Computation at the University of Minnesota, is an interdisciplinary consortium dedicated to the development and promotion of the theory of planetary materials. Focuses on computational determination of geophysically important materials..."

* University of Minnesota (Chemical Eng./Materials Science, Geology, Computer Science, Chemistry, DTC)
* State University of New York-Stony Brook (Physics)
* Florida State University (CSIT)
* Louisiana State University (CS)
* Indiana University (IT)
* University of California-Santa Barbara (GEOL)
* DEMOCRITOS Modeling Center (Italy)
* Daresbury Laboratory (UK) (e-Science)
* University College London (UK) (ES, Physics)

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