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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has redesigned its website and has added many useful features, of which some are highlighted here. For all new features, see http://www.bls.gov/bls/redesign2008.htm.

1. RSS feed for latest economic indicators: http://www.bls.gov/feed/bls_latest.rss

2. Calender of all releases with the option to subscribe via *.ical/*.ics: http://www.bls.gov/schedule/news_release/

3. Guide to Data by Geography: http://www.bls.gov/guide/geography/

4. Tutorials: http://www.bls.gov/tutorial/home.htm

The MN Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board makes finding campaign finance data a little more complex than one might expect. The data isn't as recent as one might expect either - 12/31/2007 in most cases and most information provided is in *.pdf files. Exceptions are noted.

Independent Expenditures - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/dyncfb/cfbsearch5.php

Contributions Received by a Candidate - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/dyncfb/cfbsearch1.php

Contributions Made by Individuals - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/dyncfb/cfbsearch2.php

Contributions Received by Party Units or Political Committees - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/dyncfb/cfbsearch3.php

Contributions Made by Party Units or Political Committees - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/dyncfb/cfbsearch4.php

Political Party, Political Committee and Political Fund Reports - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/rptViewer/viewRptsOther.php
On the Board home page, "Political Party Units" are listed as a separate link, but they're really a subset of the overall Political Party database.

Candidate Report of Receipts and Expenditures - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/rptViewer/viewRptsCan.php

Lobbyist Disbursement Reports - http://www.cfbreport.state.mn.us/rptViewer/viewRptsLob.php
Data through 2008

Public Official Lists - http://www.cfboard.state.mn.us/po_lists.html
Reports in *.html; content undated.

State Campaign Finance Databases

For information on state-level campaign finance, see Campaign Finance Databases from the State Agency Databases site.

STAT-USA has new financial and travel statistics. STAT-USA is a subscription database from the Department of Commerce that contains statistics either hard to find elsewhere or not available elsewhere.

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