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Real Estate Database

A comprehensive collection of historical real estate data. Includes Winan’s Real Estate Index of housing prices back to 1830, regional real estate price indices, national and regional new home sales and listings, and more. Choose “Real Estate Market Data? under Data Series Type in the Filter Search.

U.S. Stocks Database

Comprehensive current and historical coverage of stocks traded on exchanges in the United States. The database provides daily data for current US stocks back to 1970 and monthly data back to 1815. Enables you to combine the financial indicators from the United States and 200 other countries with the historical price data on over 20,000 individual current and delisted stocks.

  • “Business definitions have always been tricky for researchers,” said Brian Headd, economist for the Office of Advocacy and co-author of the working paper. “It’s hard to determine what counts as a business. For instance, is there a minimum employee or revenue requirement, a length of time in business, or a contribution to owners income? He added, “Definitions are often based on convenience, such as what data is available to the researcher.”

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