Updates to American Factfinder

American Factfinder has had a few tweaks recently that improve its performance.

Added to the homepage are:

  • Quick Facts on the left hand side of the screen for summary statistics about states and counties.

  • the FTP server on right hand side of the screen for large volume and historical (1980 for Census of Population & Housing; 1972 for Economic Census) data needs.

Modifications include:

  • Topics filtering menu text explicitly indicating what you'll find in it like the list of datasets.

  • Relabeling the former "population groups" filter menu as "Race and Ethnic Groups" with text underneath adding "ancestry" and "tribe".

  • Geographic Selection now works more like the original American Factfinder in that it walks the user through the geographic hierarchy. However, this version works better than the original and the first iteration of the new American Factfinder.

Bookmarking and browser support remain problems.

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