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The ICPSR 2012 Data Fair is all about elections data! The sessions are scheduled for October 1-3, 2012.

The series of webcasts will focus on election data held in ICPSR's archives, and how to use them for analysis and teaching.

The event is designed for the social sciences data community at large including researchers, librarians, teaching faculty, students, and policymakers from around the world who are interested in the use of social science data.

The first day will provide an orientation to ICPSR's services, including a tutorial on navigating our newly redesigned Web site. Other topics will include the American National Election Studies, minority voting behavior, and using election data in classroom instruction.

Note on registering: you must do so one session at a time and the default is to list Eastern Time. However, at the registration screen, you can change to Central Time so that your confirmation emails will have the right time listed.

Making Decisions About Your Research Data

Nancy Sims (@CopyrightLibn) explains a few of the things researchers may need to keep in mind when making decisions about how to store, share, and provide access to research data in this video:

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