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Obama's expansive economic plan

The two articles I chose were from the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. The articles discussed the announcement that Barack Obama gave on Saturday about a stimulus plan that is going to create 2.5 million jobs in the next two years by spending billions of dollars to rebuild roads and bridges, improve educational areas, and construct wind farms and other alternative sources of energy. Both articles point out that the plan is different than what he proposed during his campaign because it is more aggressive. They also report that Obama plans on letting the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010. “Still, with the financial markets and the public clearly looking for reassurance, Saturday's announcement -- and Monday's news conference -- signal that the transition has entered a phase in which the president-elect will become more visible and vocal,? the Los Angeles Times reported. The Washington Post had a lot of the same information as the Los Angeles Times, however they questioned where the money would come from. “He provided few details and no price tag, but said his economic team is working on "a plan big enough to meet the challenges we face that I intend to sign soon after taking office," the Washington Post reported.