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What implications would the releasing of architectural students from the constraints of the ‘architectural school’ program have? Would these implications be negative or positive? How would this releasing effect the environment in different ways? To be completely truthful, I cannot even begin to describe the implications and effects of releasing architectural students from the constraints of the ‘architectural school’ program would be. Let’s be honest here though, who truthfully can predict all the implications that would be associated with this release?

I would urge that the implications of releasing students from the ‘architectural school’ program, in most cases would be beneficial. This releasing would leave students to get experiences geared towards architecture in everyday life situations. Students would learn from life in hands on situations, instead of just from books while sitting in a classroom. Many of these students could learn a thing or two by volunteering for an organization like Habitat for Humanity. Students could learn through physical doing of architecture. I believe this would have a profound impact on the environment in a good way.

Depending on what individual students did with this release from the ‘architectural school’ program, many different things could be affected including the architecture and the culture of a neighborhood. Some students would undoubtedly choose to focus on helping people with architectural design in order to further education in that field of work. Others yet might focus on the cultural side of architecture and choose to help families in the neighborhood. I would like to urge that both of these aspects are necessarily architectural and would improve the environment.