71 fans ejected from Wisconsin football game

Seventy-one people were escorted out of Camp Randall Stadium by UW-Madison police during Saturday's game, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Of the 71 ejected, 46 were students and 25 people were arrested (29 students). Thirty of those 71 people were ejected and cited for underage drinking or possession of alcohol, according to the Associated Press.

Madison instituted a "Show and Blow" problem in 2009 which requires ejected students to pass a breathalyzer test prior to re-entry to the stadium, according to Madison's student newspaper, the Badger Herald. There was initial backlash from the student population due to the "large drinking culture" surrounding the college.

The program is similar to Minnesota's "Check BAC" program, instituted in TCF Bank stadium's inaugural season, ESPN reports, citing an AP article. The program was revised this year to attempt to iron out some perceived problems, according to the Minnesota Daily.

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