Attribution in Star Tribune's flooding story

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In Sunday's Star Tribune story about rivers flooding in Minnesota, only one source is cited. That source is Department of Transportation spokeswoman Rebecca Arndt.

In the lead, they do not cite her name because it would clutter up the intro. They simply refer to her as a transportation official who "announced more road closings due to flooding." They continue on in the article and reveal that said official is indeed Arndt, and that she works for the Department of Transportation as a spokeswoman.

Each paragraph reveals new information, and all of it courtesy of Arndt. The reporter did their job, and that was listen to Arndt's statement or read her release, and put it into news context. The way she is referenced throughout the article is easy to follow and articulate.

My best guess is that this was a press release from the Department of Transportation or at the very most, the Star Tribune called for a follow-up interview on the release and was put in contact with the spokesperson rather than an official.

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You guess correctly. Sometimes stories about road closings don't need more than one official source. Nice job on the entries. Keep it up.

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