Moss traded to Vikings

Randy Moss was traded to his former team Thursday, according to ESPN.

The New England Patriots traded away the disgruntled star and a future seventh round draft pick for a third round pick.

"Who woulda ever thunk it?" the team's quarterback, Brett Favre, told ESPN.

The move was spurred in part by the team's lack of early season success, that some suggest can be attributed to No. 1 receiver Sidney Rice missing time with a hip injury, Pro Football Weekly reports.

PFT also said that the possible contract restructuring is further complicated with a move to Minnesota. Moss' contract is up at the end of this year.

The NFL and the Player's Association are currently at a stand still in the Collective Bargaining Agreement extension. The current CBA extends to the end of this year, and many people feel the two sides won't reach an agreement and the NFL will be forced into a lockout, ESPN reports.

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