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Metrodome roof collapses

The Minnesota Vikings game was moved to a new time and location after the Metrodome roof imploded early Sunday morning, according to the Star Tribune.

Minneapolis was enveloped in blizzard conditions Saturday, and the weight from the snow on the Dome's roof caused punctures in the teflon and structural damage to support beams.

The Vikings will now "host" the Giants at Ford Field in Detroit on Monday night.

The Dome has collapsed three times in the past, according to ESPN.

Kill named next Gophers coach

Northern Illinois head coach Jerry Kill has been named the next University of Minnesota head football coach, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Kill -- who will not coach Northern Illinois in its bowl game later this month, according to ESPN -- took over for interim head coach Jeff Horton, who went 2-3 in his five-game stint at the helm.

Kill has four previous head coaching jobs at the collegiate level, unlike Horton's predecessor, Tim Brewster, according to the Star Tribune. Kill's Huskies defeated the Gophers early on in the 2010 season, just one of the losses that lead to the eventual demise of Brewster.

Gopher Sports sent out an email to the student population announcing the move after Athletic Director Joel Maturi confirmed the report in a text message to the AP.

Kill's last name is also a verb, inspiring a grip of uninspiring headlines across the state.

The Star Tribune had a poll posted on their website Sunday, with over 50 percent of the 9,100 voters selecting, "Northern Illinois? You're Killing me."

No recount is expected at this time.

It is not known if a "most clever headline" award will be handed out anytime soon.

Open houses to review fast train to Chicago

The Minnesota Department of Transportation will host two open houses to take public comment on the environmental impact of proposed fast trains that would link the Twin Cities and Chicago, according to the Star Tribune.

The portion in doubt is in Wisconsin where the Gov. -elect has stated his opposition to building the line. The tracks would be a part of the larger Midwest Regional Rail Initiative, according to the Milwaukee Courier.

Man once thought dead arrested in kidnapping

A man who was declared legally dead 16 years ago was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a slain Las Vegas girl, according to the AP.

The man was declared dead in Mississippi, and the Las Vegas girl was found in a wooded area in central Louisiana.

The suspect is 53-year-old Thomas Stevens, and the kidnapping case was re-opened after hunters stumbled upon the girl's skeleton remains, according to WLBT news.

Obama celebrates Diwali in India

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U.S. President Barrack Obama began his second day in India to dance and celebrate Diwali with some students in India, according to CNN.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, went to a local New Dehli school Sunday morning, and school children taught her several cultural dances.

Obama called the relationship between the United States and India -- the world's largest democracy -- a "defining partnership" for the 21st century, according to the AP.

Obama speaks to crowd at U of M

President Barrack Obama spoke in support of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton at the Field House in Minneapolis Saturday, according to the Star Tribune.

One estimation had the crowd pegged at over 11,000, and lines stretched all throughout the East bank of the U of M campus much of Saturday.

Obama spoke to the crowd hoping to increase support for DFL candidate Mark Dayton, by appealing to a voter bloc that showed "overwhelming support" in 2008, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Brewster officially relieved of coaching duties at Minnesota

Minnesota Athletics Director Joel Maturi announced today that he terminated the contract of head football coach Tim Brewster, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The report confirms rumors started when 1500ESPN speculated that Brewster had one more game to prove he was the right man to coach Minnesota. There are those that believe the final nail in the coffin actually came when Minnesota lost to FCS opponent South Dakota.

The Star Tribune reports
that current offensive coordinator Jeff Horton will take over as interim head coach. He said his primary goal is to be the "calming influence" on this team.

The report also said former Indianapolis Colts' head coach and Minnesota alum Tony Dungy would be "willing to help," but Maturi said that he's already spoken with Maturi and men's head basketball coach Tubby Smith and that neither is interested in coaching the team.

Two injured in plane crash in Rice County

Two passengers walked away with minor injuries after hitting a power line and crash landing a small plane in Lonsdale, Minn., according to the Star Tribune.

The two-seat plane reportedly hit a combine after striking the power line and just before crashing in a soy bean field. The two were taken to Queen of Peace Hospital in New Prague.

FOX 9 news reports the two were found conscious and responding shortly after crashing into the combine.

The Fox report also said the plane was an "experimental amateur built plane" registered to one of the injured passengers.

College grads break even by age 33

A study was released concluding that the average student at a four-year university breaks even on the investment of college by age 33, according to USA Today.

The "break even" number assumes the student enrolled to a four-year school at age 18, and accounts for the four years in which they were absent from the workforce, compared to a high school graduate.

There have been studies like this in the past, but one study in 2003 concluded that the unemployment level of college grads had surpassed that of high school dropouts, according to the Economic Policy Report.

The USA Today also said the report concluded that college are more likely to exercise, volunteer, vote and read to their kids, and were less likely to be obese or smoke.

"For the typical student, the investment pays off very well over the course of a lifetime -- even considering the expense." College Board of Advocacy and Policy Center said.

71 fans ejected from Wisconsin football game

Seventy-one people were escorted out of Camp Randall Stadium by UW-Madison police during Saturday's game, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

Of the 71 ejected, 46 were students and 25 people were arrested (29 students). Thirty of those 71 people were ejected and cited for underage drinking or possession of alcohol, according to the Associated Press.

Madison instituted a "Show and Blow" problem in 2009 which requires ejected students to pass a breathalyzer test prior to re-entry to the stadium, according to Madison's student newspaper, the Badger Herald. There was initial backlash from the student population due to the "large drinking culture" surrounding the college.

The program is similar to Minnesota's "Check BAC" program, instituted in TCF Bank stadium's inaugural season, ESPN reports, citing an AP article. The program was revised this year to attempt to iron out some perceived problems, according to the Minnesota Daily.

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