CD Cover

For my final project I am going to create a CD cover for one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift. Her second album is "Fearless." When researching, I found this quote from Taylor herself, "To me, fearless isn't not having fears. It's not that you're not afraid of anything. I think tha being fearless is having a lot of fears, but you jump anyway."
So the theme of this album is Fearless. I am going to try and show how even though she is afriad of things she still goes out and does it anyway.
I might use part of the quote "I think that being fearles i having alot of fears, but you jump anyway." I might use that on part of the CD.
I'm not exactly sure how I am going to design the CD yet, but I want to use Taylor Swift and the theme Fearless.


The videos on were pretty interesting. My favorite was Paula Scher's video. It was so interesting to me how she came up with the Citi logo. It's crazy to me how she comes up with these logos for different things. It really makes me realize how much effort and time people put into it. When logos are really good it makes me want to look at it and do what it's saying. I didn't really enjoy the video on David Carson. The things he made were weird and creeped me out. It seemed too depressing for me. All three videos were weird and different than something I've seen before. But I guess they all showed me how important design and art is. I enjoyed watching them.

Typographic self portrait

For the theme of my typographic self portait I think I might use how I love taking pictures.
I love taking pictures! My room is filled with different pictures that I have taken of my friends, animals, my family, cool scenery, sunsets, my boyfriend, seagulls, snow, rain, and so much more. Pictures are very important to me because they capture important moments that have happened in my life.
I think I might use a quote about capturing the moment also, but i'm not sure.

Theme & Concept

After reading this I realized that the THEME is very important. The person who wrote this made me realize how important it is. It seems like it is very easy to notice themes in movies and stories and it's such a big part in movies and stories.

Also reading this made me realize how important the CONCEPT is. The concept is a means through which you illustrate your theme. The concept may be one of the trickiest things to figure out, but it's the most important. Without a concept, an album is just a bunch of different songs instead of a whole where it all makes sense together.

Disliked Gift

Contrast- It was easy to come up with a design for contrast. I picked different ways of displaying my shorts on the page and tried to be creative making them completely diferent with the color.

Repetition- This was also easy because i knew what these two words meant. I also tried to be creative thinking of different ways to repeat the same object throughout the page.

Alignment- This was hard for me to think of creative ideas. I picked the one i thought was best, but it took me awhile to think of ideas.

Proximity- The last two words for hard for me to think of different ideas...I'm not sure why. I think it's because I wasn't aware of these terms until class. By looking at examples in class and online I think it really helped me.

Design principles

4 Design Principles

Contrast- Avoiding elements on the page that are similar.

Repetition- Repeating visual elements of the design all over such as color, shape, or text.

Alignment- Every element should have visual connection with another on the page.

Proximity- Items relating to each other should be close together.


Hi. I'm Megan Wetzel and I'm a sophomore. I'm a communication major with a photography minor!

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