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OK so the concert is over. It is the last day before vacation and you want to work harder than your exhausted kids. How do you fill the day?

How about a little SmartMusic show and tell? I have been looking for a good time to tell kids they should really play back the assignment before turning it in. This was it. The main issues students are having with SmartMusic are mic placement and setting the volume controls. A little show and tell should help that.

We also took a look at the tuners, the other included method books (looking for enrichment opportunities?) changing tempos, trouble shooting the audio drivers, about a million questions and shared experiences with the program. Follow-up is an important part of training. This was an excellent follow-up session at a good time for the kids. It was time well spent.

The kids also had fun watching me try to beat the machine. Who knew playing page 14 could be so entertaining?