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Looking for Enrichment Activities?

We were filling time with SmartMusic and one of my flute players pointed out the obvious with this comment, "I wondered where we would be with one of those other method books. You know you can just go play in one of them in SmartMusic."

Boy. A comment like that can get the idea machine going!

If the kids are bored, suggest they try the other book for sight reading.

Or send them on a hunt for the same topic in another book.

You could see if the examples are better in a different book.

Maybe there are some solos coordinated with the other method. Do you want to see where they fit in their curriculum?

You could have your talented kids get a fresh look at the same topic in another book.

If you need to re-teach something, where will you go for ready made materials?

Have you taught kids how to find exercises that will help them with the topic at hand?

Or..... You get the idea. In fact, send me some of yours!

The really, really, exciting part for me is that one of my students figured this out! Here's a beginner that isn't just doing the assigned. She went out exploring. Pretty amazing!