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Chapter 123: Hands On Dinner


Tonight was the Hands On Community Dinner featuring the exquisite culinary talents of Doughty. We had various citizens of Biloxi and their families that either HOGC, EBCRC, AFH, and/or GCCDS have worked with since Katrina. Potc took care of the grub (enchiladas... outstanding!) and then Mr. Thornton, who was one of the Hands On house recipients and his band played (that's him above: third from the left). It was a great night with a lot of great friends and was good to see Hands On full up.

Chapter 122: A New Hope

gccds interior.jpg

Today I officially started work at the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. Less than three days ago, I was frantically packing in Minneapolis and now I am in Biloxi and have one of the best jobs I can possibly imagine coming out of school. After our project progress update meeting yesterday, I was given a client and a project out in Long Beach, MS which is about 30 minutes away. It's the first project that the GCCDS is undertaking in Long Beach so I feel really lucky to have gotten it. My client's name is Laura Creel and I'm hoping to meet with her later this week to get a bit more information on the house and her needs. It is located on a great lot with two Live Oaks and a 12' Magnolia tree. We should be able to do some pretty great things with it that we haven't been necessarily been able to do because of certain restrictions of historic, contextual, and coded complexities involved with rebuilding in Biloxi. It's in a post-WWII era neighborhood with mostly low slung brick homes and only got about 1' of water but had two trees crush it during Katrina.

Anyhow, I will be adding pictures tomorrow as we're getting a bit of rain right now and I won't be able to make it back out to the site, but suffice to say in addition to the house project as well as the other things we have cooking at the Studio I am more happy than I have been in over a year finally being down here and starting the next chapter of my life here in Mississippi.

Thank you so much to everyone to helped pack, move, carry, lift, sell, house, love, and support me during the moving process as well as everyone who saw me off. I have great friends and I can't wait to see you all again soon. Cheers.