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Chapter 530: The Non-State of the Union


I'm in the process of listening to it and also reading Bobby Jindal's rebuttal (which I'm finding to be somewhat hard to swallow) but here is the wordle of the President's speech and the link to the larger version on their site.

Chapter 529: The Godfather, Part II

New pics featuring all three of my sister's children, my niece Annie, my nephew Jacob (porkchop), and the newest edition, my godson Griffin Robert



Chapter 526: The Godfather

I haven't had a chance with how crazy everything has been around the office (more about that on Tuesday's Archi-update) but last week my sister gave birth to her third child and my second nephew Griffin Robert Steiner who weighed in at a masculine 7 lbs, 8 oz. and 20 inches tall. Also, my brother and I were asked to be godfathers to little Griffin which we're also pretty pumped about. Anyhow, here's some pictures of the little guy for your ooh-ing and ahh-ing pleasure.



Going home- mom & G.jpg


G- 2 days old.jpg

Chapter 525: Scavenger Hunt

Alright, here's the deal. To get back in the swing of thing next week will see posts each day in the spirit of *click*itecture and will focus on various aspects of my life with links and updates on each. Here's the schedule-

MONDAY: Arts and Hobbies

TUESDAY: Architecture

WEDNESDAY: Music and Sports

THURSDAY: Mississippi

FRIDAY: Science!