Analysis - Records

This story has records of how many teachers violated licensing rules. It also says the Star Triune pulled the data that revealed this. The state records also showed the total number of waivers granted by the state Teaching Board.

St. Louis Tornado had Millions in Damages

The tornado in St. Louis has millions of dollars worth of damages, The Boston Globe said. There were no deaths reported. It was the most powerful tornado in 44 years. 100 homes were destroyed. More severe weather has been predicted for the later this week. The tornado went through the St. Louis International Airport, International Business Times said. The tornado touched down on Friday, April 22. The National Weather Service rated the tornado a EF-4. The airport will re-open on Sunday.

Heros from the Armed Forces Invited to Royal Wedding

Prince William has invited two guests from the armed forces to the royal wedding, Daily Mirror said. The couple invited L/Cpl Martyn Compton, 27, whose heart stopped three times during an attack by the Taliban in 2006. Compton served next to Prince William in the Household Calvary, The Telegraph said. He also lost his ears and nose and had burns on 75 percent of his body. The royal couple also invited Holly Dyer, 30, wow is the sister of Lt Joanna Dyer. Joanna Dyer was killed by a bomb in Iraq in 2007, and was close friends with Price William.

Mpls Southern Theater Could Close

The Twin Cities theater, The Southern Theater, will have to close if they cannot raise $400,000 by April 30th, The Star Tribune said. The theater is historic to Minneapolis. They released a statement on their webpage that described their financial situation as an emergency and a crisis. Around $90,000 is needed to pay off vendors alone, KARE 11 said. Their financial troubles started weeks ago when nearly a third of its board members resigned. They lost support from the McKnight Foundation. The theater's deficit goes back years.

Plymouth Bank Robbers Linked to Previous Robberies

On Thursday morning, two masked men robbed the Anchor Bank on Vinewood Lane North in Plymouth, KARE 11 said. The robbers have not been found and authorities are reaching out to the public for help. The robbers are believed to be connected to a half dozen robberies around the metro. The robbers both entered the bank holding black semi-automatic handguns. The two men are described as black males and were witnessed leaving the bank in a red Chevrolet Tahoe, KSTP said. The robbers took money from the bank's vault after they forced three bank employees to open the vault. The unclosed amount stolen left the bank with the robbers. No one was injured. The robbers are believed to be linked to several Minnesota robberies occurring in 2010.

Italian Peace Activist Kidnapped

An Italian peace activist was kidnapped in Gaza on Thursday, The Lede said. The activist, Vittorio Arrigoni, was threatened to by killed by Islamist militants in a video posted online on Thursday. Arrigoni was blindfolded in the video which also displayed a text warning that said the militants plan to execute him unless the Hamas government, which is a fundamentalist Islamic group, released prisoners of their jihadist movements. The Hamas government has controlled Gaza since 2007, said. They demanded that they be released by Friday afternoon. Arrigoni, who is a journalist and human rights defender working in the Gaza Strip, has worked for more than two years in support of the Palestinian cause in Gaza. The group that is holding Arrigoni claims to be in affiliation with Al Qaeda. For the past two and a half years, Arrigoni has been monitoring human rights violations by Israel, supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. The Hamas government said to be "working hard to secure his release." A group on Facebook demanded for Arriongi's release and Twitter feeds have gotten #FreeVittorio trending.

World's Oldest Man Dies

Walter Breuning, a Minnesota native, died at age 114 as the world's oldest man, The Star Tribune said. Breuning died on Thursday of natural causes in Great Falls, Montana. He was the oldest man in the world and the second-oldest person following Besse Cooper who was born about a month earlier. Breuning was living at Rainbow Senior Living retirement home when he passed. Breuning was born on 21 September 1896, in Minnesota, The Guardian said. Breuning lived a long eventful life, of which he spent time in Minnesota working for Henry Ford's first assembly line in 1913. He was a teenager when offered the low-level job with the Great Northern Railway in Melrose, Minnesota. His secrets to living a long life, which he exposed, involved embracing change, working as long as you can, and to always help each other.

Analysis - Cultural Group

This story focuses on a Middle Eastern cultural group. Kareem, who will not be giving out his full name, is a student who works at 3M and lives in Minneapolis. Kareem is from Lebanon does not really have an opinion on the stereotypes associated with this cultural group. He said that although his is from the Middle East, Lebanon is pretty neutral and since it is a democracy, it is not experiencing all this unrest. He says that he has been put in the same group as pretty much everyone from the Middle East . He believes that many people associate his cultural group with the negativity that goes on in the Middle East. This story explains the possibility of Al Qaeda attacking the US. It also talks about the attacks that have been demonstrated in the past. Kareem said that when people think of his cultural group, they often associate their thoughts with Al Qaeda.

Shipwreck Leaves 250 Migrants Missing off Italian Coast

A shipwreck that occurred on Wednesday off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa left more that 250 missing, The New York Times said. This was the worst shipwreck since the immigration it Italy following the unrest in North Africa began. The boat carrying more than 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa capsized in the pre-dawn dark. Most of the 22,000 immigrants. of which have arrived on the island since January, are from Tunisia. The amount missing was estimated by the International Organization for Migration. Several children were on board, Monsters and Critics said. An Italian patrol boat and a fishing boat rescued 50 people but many more are still lost at sea. Migrants and asylum seekers were aboard the boat that left Libya and included those from Somalia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Chad, and Sudan. Out of the estimated 40 women on board, only two survived. Peter Hougot, 29, from Cameroon, survived the wreak and said the reason he left Libya was because he refused to join a pro-Qaddafi milita.

House Republicans 2012 Budget

House Republicans will release their 2012 budget on Tuesday, USA Today said. This budget will affect heath programs for seniors, the poor ad people with disabilities. The plan was criticized by Democrats for cutting Social Security, defense, and domestic spending. The plan is to reduce deficits by $4.4 trillion over 10 years. Spending cuts of $6.2 trillion over the next decade were proposed, The Los Angeles Times said. It also plans to reduce top individual and corporate tax rates by 10%. The plan was produced by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are being especially affected by the plan. Medicare would be a private health plan starting in 2022, Medicaid would turn into a block grant to states, and defense and domestic programs would reduce over the next five years.