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Analysis - Recent Property Tax Increase

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By Candice Wheeler

The lead in this story contains, above everything else, all of the most important information. It immediately tells the reader the news in a way that is direct and not so analytical. The lead informs the audience of the story's topic. It contains who is doing the action, when it happened, and the who it will be primarily affecting. It says that it will be happening in Minneapolis, how landlords and owners will be affected, and that the increase should expect to take place in the fall. The article then goes to explain the situation in full detail, analyzing each main point presented in the lead.

Recent Property Tax Increase

By Candice Wheeler

A recent property tax increase will affect the students in search for Fall 2011 housing, The MN Daily said. Rent has the possibility of being increased substantially because of this decision. The City Council passed the 4.7% increase in December. Owners and renters alike will be affected by the increase, which ultimately means higher rent for all. The increase affects not only the students on campus, but the city of Minneapolis as a whole, The Star Tribune said. One owner stated he could possibly pay up to a 7.2% increase for his duplex. Owners joined together in fight to lower the increase on November 18th, but the City Council only decreased the amount slightly.

Military Invades Streets of Cairo

By Candice Wheeler

Military involvement was enforced by President Hosni Mubarak in the streets of Egypt Friday. Police efforts have not been enough during the past day's worth of violent protests, The New York Times said. This is the first time Cario has needed military back-up since 1986. There has also been a complete cut off all internet connection and mobile phone networks within the city, the blog Wired stated. Protests have been severe since the shut down. Police brutality and unhappiness with thier government are just some of the reasons these protests are getting so severe. The anti-government protesters demand change, and the protests are expected to continue until some sort of aid is distributed.

Former Commissioner Now Involved in Local Business

By Candice Wheeler

Hennepin County Commissioner Penny Steele ditched politics to fully involve herself in her cake business, The Star Tribune reported. She previously spent 14 years on the County Board representing Hennepen County. City Pages Blogs said the establishment aims to build strength in their neighborhood. Kindred Kitchen is located in North Minneapolis and its establishment was supported by the community.

Leaking Information Made Easy

By Candice Wheeler

The CUNY Graduate School's Entrepreneurial Journalism program has created a program that now allows anonymous leakers to supply their information to various newspaper outlets. The program is called "Localeaks," and this report predicts its rise in popularity, if the number of leaks continue coming in, the news website Read, Write, Web said. The NY Times has also recently reported considering a setup like this, Yahoo News said. This would allow leakers publish information without revealing any personal information about themselves.

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