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U of M Student Trying for an Internship for Charlie Sheen

Shannah Henderson from Lakeville is in the running to be a social media intern for actor Charlie Sheen, KSTP said. She is 20 years old and a University of Minnesota student majoring in strategic communications with an emphasis in PR, The Star Tribune said. She made it to the third round of competition to be Sheen's social media "#TigerBlood" intern. There are now around 250 applicants, there were originally 75,000. The first thing she had to do for her interview was tweet in 75 characters or less why she would make a good intern. She moved on to the next round by tweeting "I will keep the Sheeniacs salivating for more day-to-day controversy." She then submitted her resume and application online. She now has to create a two minute video that answers what she thinks is the best company using social media today and why. She did a case stud on the Mayo Clinic and has chosen that as her focus. The internship is eight weeks long and she should find out later this week fir she got it.

Google Launches +1 Button

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Google announced on Wednesday that it will now have a feature called the "+1" button, BetaNews said. It will be similar to Facebook's "like" button and it will allow users to like a search result. It is only available to Google users of which must be signed in. The button will appear next to all search results once it is activated. Google keeps track of how many people utilize the button for each search result and they then have a higher chance of showing up when searched for. Popular searches can appear on anyone's search results. It's a tool that allows people to share their recommendations. It allows users to share insights with people online through other Google services, The Washington Post said. Users who click the button can do it for a search result or an ad. Google hopes this will make its search results and ads more tempting to click. The button will first make its appearance to a small group of Google users and anyone can sign up for it.

Analysis - Obit

Obituary of Erwin John.

The obituary has sources which include his daughter and a close friend. It has a standard obituary lead and it works because it states when he died, how old he was, and what he was known for in the community. The obituary praises his life and doesn't just state what he accomplished. It includes statements from those that knew and loved him and it explains how he was as a person, not just what he did while he was living.

Gas Leak in St. Paul

A gas leak occurred in St. Paul, The Star Tribune said. It was related to the light-rail construction. The gas line under University Avenue at Fry Street in St. Paul had a cap blow off on Thursday morning. A local pet hospital was told to evacuate. No one was injured but traffic was caught up for hours. One of the busiest intersections in the Twin Cities, off of Snelling and University Avenues, closed because of the situation. Local business workers were forced to take cabs home if they couldn't wait it out, because they were not allowed to use their cars. The leak brought upon a 2 hour evacuation, KSTP said. The odor from the leak was strong and lasted for more than two hours. Authorities shut off underground valves in 14 different locations. Firefighters evacuated over a dozen buildings while people worked to shut off the gas. Gas was completely shut off about two hours later, which left several customers without service. No one is really sure how the cap came off.

Elizabeth Tayor Dies

Actress Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79 on Wednesday, The New York Times said. She died of congestive heart failure. Taylor first appeared on screen at age 10 and went on to have a career that included more than 50 films. Her career expanded over six decades. She won two Academy Awards for best actress. Her struggles often overshadowed the positive moments in her life, The LA Times said. The actress possessed talent and beauty, which were heavily recognized. She was an activist in the fight against AIDS. She died in Los Angeles with her four children by her side.

Explosion in Jerusalem Killed One and Injured Many

An explosion that occurred at a bus station in Jerusalem killed one and injured many, CNN said. The explosion occurred just as the evening rush hour began and more than 50 people were wounded. Injuries have been deemed extremely critical. It was called a cowardly terrorist attack by Mayor Nir Barkat. There were many civilians and two buses where the attack took place. It began with rocket attacks fired by Palestinian militants. The blast of the flying shrapnel causes the injuries. The bomb was the first to hit in over 6 years, The Telegraph said. President Obama said it was Israel's "right to self-defense" but also expressed his sorrow for the Palestinian deaths that occurred in Gaza.

Day care owner surrenders after fleeing from police

Day care owner, Jessica Tata, finally surrendered herself to Nigeria's security operatives three weeks after four children died in a fire incident in Houston, allAfrica said. Tata, 22, was accused of leaving her day care center unattended, during which a fire broke out. Tata has been charged with 14 charges, The New York Times said. She was charged with federal unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. The day care facility, Jackie's Child Care, had seven children inside when the fire started. Four children died all together, which included 20 month old Elizabeth Kojah and Kendyll Stradford, and three-year-old Shomari Dickerson who died that day. The fourth child, Elias Castillo, died two days later. The fire started on the kitchen stove and the oil that was left on the burner intensified it. She told the police that when she returned that she couldn't see through the smoke. Upon her flee, she was placed on the list of the 15 most wanted fugitives. She was charged when four counts of manslaughter.

After-affects of Japan Tsunami

The magnitude of the earthquake which struck Japan on March 11 has been re-evaluated from an 8.8 to a 9.0, CBS News said. The magnitude was raised after its evaluation by the Japanese agency. It was shown to have unusual wave types and the earthquake was extremely rare. There will be a 70% chance to get a magnitude 7 earthquake or aftershocks after 3 days. The tsunami hit Japan on Friday at 2:46 p.m., New American said. It was the largest in Japan's history. It was the world's seventh most powerful earthquake. As of Saturday, 680 have been reported and 300,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes. Two nuclear reactors have lost their cooling systems. It triggered whirlpools that were very notable and frightening. Contact with those in the Pacific is a struggle.

Loughner Trial Requesting to Be Postponed

Jared L. Loughner, who is the suspect in the Tucson shooting, may not be competent to stand trial unless he undergoes psychiatric testing, The New York Times said. A federal judge was asked by prosecutors on Monday to order the testing upon Loughner. Prosecutors said he many have mental issues. Loughner was indicted last week for murder and attempted murder, a total of 49 felony counts. His attorney asked to delay the start of the trial until January 2013 because of the many issues. The judge has set the trial for September. Loughner's lawyer said there was no way any lawyer could be ready to defend Loughner by September 2011. The Wednesday hearing will address these issues, KVOA said. Notes were found in Loughner's home that read "I planned ahead," "Mu assassination," and "Giffords," all of which will be examined in court. Loughner's lawyer also wants prosecutors to say whether or not they are fighting for the death penalty before the trail date is set. Loughner has already seen two different psychologists in prison. Loughner posted a photo on his MySpace that featured a pistol that was a duplicate of the one used in the shooting.

Minneapolis Woman Threw Newborn Baby Into the Snow

Ashley Renee Couch, 21, of Minneapolis threw her newborn baby into a snowbank, The Star Tribune said. She allegedly threw her baby who was just 18 days old into the snowbank after chasing her baby's father down the street on Saturday. Police arrived at the intersection of 18th Street East and 10th Avenue South after the incident. The Minneapolis Police Department's Child Abuse Unit made the charges following the investigation, KSTP said. The charges included child endangerment and neglect of a child which are both misdemeanors. It was 16 degrees that night with 12 mile-per-hour winds. A man reported he witnessed the incident and said the he saw the baby lying in the snow uncovered. After he witnessed the crime he called 911 and put the baby in his jacket. They baby did not wake up until 10 seconds after the man warmed her up. The baby's father also said Couch "slammed" the baby into the snow. Couch said she was chasing the man because he took money from her. The baby survived after treated for hypothermia with a body temperature of 95.8 degrees. Couch remains in the Hennepin County Jail until she faces court Wednesday.

Drunk Driver Kills Two in Collision

A drunk driver killed two people in a crash in Brooklyn Center and attempted to run away, Fox News said. WItnesses held the driver down until the authorities came and arrested him. Both of the occupants of the Toyota Camry were under the influence of alcohol, The Pioneer Press said. Not only was the driver driving while intoxicated, but he also had a suspended license, a previous DUI charge, and a warrant out for his arrest. 22-year-old George Kaffey and his 21-year-old friend, Jessica Vallis, died Saturday. The accident occurred at 10:25 p.m. that Saturday night.

Leaker Could Face Death Penalty

23-year-old Brandon Manning could face the death penalty for leaking information to Wikileaks, MSNBC News said. Manning's investigation is coming up on seven months now and he will remain in confinement at the U.S. Marine Brig at Quantico south of Washington, D.C. until a final decision is made. Manning has 22 charges, which include the "aiding the enemy." He leaked tens of thousands of classified U.S. military and State Department documents, which were then publicly released by Wikileaks. Manning's prison conditions are being deemed by his lawyer as cruel and humiliating, NECN News said. His attorney said Manning is being forced to sleep naked because he is thought to be suicidal. The facility at which he is being held says their main goal is to keep Manning safe during his time in confinement.

Analysis - Australian Prime Minister Meets With Obama

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is to meet with President Obama this Monday to discuss how to not loose focus on keeping efforts in Asia strong, even when the management of the historic developments in North Africa and the Middle East have been a major focus lately, Cogitasia said. The reporter wrote about the agenda while explaining background information on the relationship between the U.S. and Australia. The news report talks about how the two nations have been allies throughout every modern war. The meeting agenda will include figuring out the U.S. strategy for Asia, which has been put off because of the current situation in the Middle East. Gillard plans to discuss her plans about sustaining the focus on Asia in 2011 with Obama.

Soccer Player Kicked Owl During a Game in Colombia

Professional Panamanian soccer player Luis Moreno attacked an owl that died on Tuesday, New York Daily News said. Moreno kicked the owl during a Colombian first division game on Sunday. The owl was the mascot of the home team, Junior de Barranquilla. The owl had accidentally been hit by the match ball after going onto the field during the last 20 minutes of the game. This incident has outraged animal rights activists and was called a killer by the fans in the audience. He may be forced to serve up to three months in jail for the crime according to Colombia Animal cruelty laws. Moreno punted the owl who was deemed helpless and stunned. The owl went into surgery to take care of his injuries and ended up dying, NESN said. The owl died of shock according to veterinarian Camilo Tapia. The exact cause of death was said to be capture myopathy which is due to animals who have been in poor physical conditions such as exertion and struggle. Locals are pushing to get Moreno expelled from Colombian football. Moreno has made public apologies but has also claimed he was actually trying to help the owl.

Actress Jane Russell Dies

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" actress Jane Russell died at age 89 on Monday, The New York Times said. She died at her home in California from a respiratory-related illness, according to her daughter-in-law Etta Waterfield. The actress was born in Bemidji, Minnesota in 1921. Russell was in the Howard Hughes film, "The Outlaw" when she was 19 years old. The 1940s film was heavily critiziced for being too inapprorpiate. The film was not nationally released until 1950. She was famous for making westerns and made around two dozen feature films in total. She starred in two films with Bob Hope as well as one with Marilyn Monroe, which she deemed as her favorite. She made many musicals and incorporated singing into her career. Her latest vocal preformance was in 2008. She also founded the Women's Adoption International Fund, Sky News said. Ms. Russell was unable to have children and became a vocal opponent of abortion and an advocate of adoption. Russell was survived by her children, 8 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

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