Google Launches +1 Button

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Google announced on Wednesday that it will now have a feature called the "+1" button, BetaNews said. It will be similar to Facebook's "like" button and it will allow users to like a search result. It is only available to Google users of which must be signed in. The button will appear next to all search results once it is activated. Google keeps track of how many people utilize the button for each search result and they then have a higher chance of showing up when searched for. Popular searches can appear on anyone's search results. It's a tool that allows people to share their recommendations. It allows users to share insights with people online through other Google services, The Washington Post said. Users who click the button can do it for a search result or an ad. Google hopes this will make its search results and ads more tempting to click. The button will first make its appearance to a small group of Google users and anyone can sign up for it.

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