Shipwreck Leaves 250 Migrants Missing off Italian Coast

A shipwreck that occurred on Wednesday off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa left more that 250 missing, The New York Times said. This was the worst shipwreck since the immigration it Italy following the unrest in North Africa began. The boat carrying more than 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa capsized in the pre-dawn dark. Most of the 22,000 immigrants. of which have arrived on the island since January, are from Tunisia. The amount missing was estimated by the International Organization for Migration. Several children were on board, Monsters and Critics said. An Italian patrol boat and a fishing boat rescued 50 people but many more are still lost at sea. Migrants and asylum seekers were aboard the boat that left Libya and included those from Somalia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Chad, and Sudan. Out of the estimated 40 women on board, only two survived. Peter Hougot, 29, from Cameroon, survived the wreak and said the reason he left Libya was because he refused to join a pro-Qaddafi milita.

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